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About Fortnite

Fortnite by Epic Games is a Co-Op sandbox game. Whilst originally released as Paid PvE (Save the world), it now has a Free PvP (Battle Royale) game mode which has massively boosted it’s popularity. However, the PvE game mode will be released for free in 2018 to all players. Fortnite is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. All of our guides and tutorials for Fortnite can be found below!

Fortnite PvE

In Fortnite PvE, also known as Save the World, you can play solo, with friends or with other players around the world. Described as ‘Minecraft meets L4D2’, the player must build, craft, scavenge and explore the world and fight against the Husks, which are Zombie like creatures. With 98% of the worlds population gone and Husks appearing from the encroaching storms, it’s up to you to build bases for survivors and claim what’s yours! Currently the PvE mode in Fortnite is in paid beta. However it will become free later this year.

Fortnite PvP

In the PvP Mode, 100 players will enter the arena, only one comes out as a victor. Players can fight either solo or up to four man squads. Climb on board the battle bus, parachute out at a location of your choosing and try to survive by searching the environment for weapons, armour and traps. Players can also build structures to try and gain a vantage point. Be careful though, over time the approaching storm will shrink the size of the safe zone forcing you to constantly be on your toes!