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Fallout 4Fallout 4 ModsBest Fallout 4 Gun Mods for PS4

Guns are your bread and butter in Fallout 4, allowing you to take out enemies from long distances. For that reason, it’s always worth looking into any mods that you can install which will make guns stronger, or work better in general.

Unfortunately, PS4 players have it the worst when it comes to modding Fallout 4. Due to heavy restrictions by Sony, no external assets are allowed to be used, meaning no new models, textures, sounds etc. This means it’s hard to find a lot of great mods that we usually see on Xbox and PC. 

The mods in this list are in no particular order, and all the buttons below link back to where you can download them on your PS4. Here at PwrDown, we’ve covered many more lists like this for Fallout 4 PS4 Mods!

Legendary Modification

First up is Legendary Modification for Fallout 4 on PS4. With it, you can apply any legendary modification to any weapon or armor item in-game. You’ll need to use a Workbench to apply the modifications. Unfortunately, you can’t apply new modifications to where they wouldn’t normally be allowed, as it sticks to the vanilla settings.

See Through Scopes

This next mod will add scopes to all of Fallout 4’s vanilla guns. They are called ‘Combat Scopes’, and give 2.5x and 4x magnification options. The aim of these scopes is to allow you to quickly lock onto enemy targets without having your peripheral vision blocked with the regular reflex sights.

Companion Infinite Ammo

I recommend this mod on any playthrough, as it makes Companions in Fallout 4 much easier to care for. With this mod installed, all your Companions will have infinite ammunition available for their guns. There is one thing to remember though. For the mod to work, you’ll need to have at least one of the correct ammo type in their inventory.

Wacky Weapons Workshop

The Wacky Weapons Workshop mod aims to get past Sony’s restriction of adding new assets to Fallout 4. It does this by allowing you to combine existing gun mods to weapons where they usually aren’t allowed. You can also customize much more, such as projectile types, multiple legendary gun effects and more. Any ‘Wacky Weapons’ that you create won’t show up on NPC’s though.

Aliens of the Commonwealth

Aliens of the Commonwealth will completely rework the Federal Surveillance Center K-21B location in Fallout 4 on your PS4. Now, it’s an Alien base of operations which you’ll have to fight and defeat. By doing so, you’ll unlock a rewards chest at the end which contains some unique alien themed guns and other items. 


FreeMaker will allow you to craft items in Fallout 4, including guns without any perks or material requirements filled. It won’t change the mechanics of any weapons, or add new ones. But it will allow you to craft any weapons that you have your eyes on, but not meet the requirements to make them.

John Marston’s 44

Next up is John Marston’s 44, which is a unique weapon with a few abilities. The first is Seeking Bullets, where any bullets fired from the gun will follow their enemies to ensure they hit. Secondly is Dead Eye, which will increase the overall damage and slow time when you aim. There’s a few other changes too, which makes it a fun weapon to use.

OP Weapons

Another mod that will make some changes to existing guns in Fallout 4 is OP Weapons. It will add a new container inside of the root cellar of Sanctuary. Inside it are a load of weapons which have had their stats increased massively. This includes the Hunting Rifle, Shotgun, 10 MM Pistol, Assault Rifle and more. There’s plenty more in the crate too which will generally make you very over powered.

Deliverer Mk 2

The Deliverer Mk 2 mod will allow you to unlock the gun much earlier in Fallout 4, as it can be found in the root cellar of Sanctuary. There’s also a few changes made to the gun, making it much more powerful. These changes include a higher base damage (4x as high), lower weight, higher critical bonus damage and more.

Improved Lighting Ballistics

Finally is Improved Lighting Ballistics. It will change the appearance of projectiles on Fallout 4 for PS4. Specifically when it comes to bullets, lasers, gauss, plasma, missiles, flares and more. As you can see on the image above, the light emitted from projectiles are much more vibrant and brighter.

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