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In this list, we’re going to run through some of the Best Texture Mods currently available for Fallout 4 on the Xbox One. These mods will mostly adjust the visuals of the game, making it look more realistic, and fresh again, making it look like an all-new game.

All the links below link back to where you can download them on your Xbox One. If you want to read more articles like this, make sure to check out our complete list of Fallout 4 Mods for Xbox One!

10: Vivid Fallout

First up is Vivid Fallout for the Xbox One, which is one of the best texture mods easily. It completely overhauls many of the Commonwealths textures, primarily focusing on terrain and the environment. Where it doesn’t change textures, it instead focuses on new normal and shadow maps, giving the game a fresh appearance which looks more realistic.

9: Healthier Commonwealth

Another popular mod is Healthier Commonwealth. With it installed, you can expect your Fallout 4 world to look much more greener and alive. There’s also a bit of re-texturing done on some plants, as well as shorelines. Some people might prefer to leave the game as it is, which is a barren wasteland. But having a bit of greenery sure makes the Commonwealth look prettier.

8: Winter Overhaul

As you’d expect, this mod will completely overhaul the Fallout 4 Commonwealth, turning it into a winter wonderland. It does this by replacing many textures for the game with snowy variants. If you’ve played through Fallout 4 multiple times and want to explore the game in a new light, I’d definitely recommend giving this mod a try.

7: The Eyes of Beauty

The Eyes of Beauty is a texture replacer for eyes in Fallout 4. Now, they’ll look more human-like and realistic, making massive changes to the appearance of characters. Due to it replacing all textures, eyes will be replaced not just on your own character, but also all NPCs in the game.

6: Realistic Roads

Even though the Vivid Fallout mod at the top of this list will replace the textures of roads, you might want to take a look at this mod still. Overall, it will replace all road textures to black asphalt, giving them a realistic appearance. The roads will also be much darker, and should fit the style of Fallout 4 better. 

5: Calamity Weathers

Calamity Weathers won’t replace some of the games actual textures. But it will definitely make Fallout 4 look new, as not only does it overhaul weather, it also changes the lighting. The aim of the mod is to give Fallout 4 a more graphical and gritty look, being similar to what you’d see in the Metro games. 

4: CROSS Crit

The CROSS mod overhauls some of the visual effects in Fallout, making them look more realistic. Currently, these include Fire, Laser, Alien Laser and Plasma Critical Effects. When killing enemies in-game, they’ll now be turned into goo, ash pile or even skeletal remains.

3: Water Enhancement Textures

WET, which stands for Water Enhancement Textures will change all water sources in Fallout 4. In addition to this, it adds new water and rain effects. You can expect to see new water surface textures, new splash and foam effects and revamped 3D models and textures. 

2: Natural Atmospheric Commonwealth

The Natural Atmospheric Commonwealth mod aims to change many features in Fallout 4. Primarily the lighting, which gives it a realistic and atmospheric appearance as seen above. There’s a lot of other features too, including redone weather, new post processing effects and much more.

1: Visible Galaxy 4K

Finally, we have the Visible Galaxy 4K mod. As you’d expect, this mod will completely change the night sky in Fallout 4. Now, the Milky Way Galaxy is once again visible due to the decline in light pollution. The textures are very high resolution, sitting at 4K so will look great in your game world, without any loss of frames.

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