10 Best & Most OP ARAM Champions in League of Legends


Gaming10 Best & Most OP ARAM Champions in League of Legends

What does ARAM stand for?

ARAM in League of Legends stands for ‘All random all mid’. It’s a mode where you play on the Howling Abyss map in a team of 5, against 5 other players. ARAM is my all time favourite mode, with me racking up more hours in this mode than normals or ranked. Purely because I find it fun, and there is less of a desire to win.

When you play ARAM, it doesn’t matter much if you win or lose as it was out of your control anyway. You are assigned a random champion at the start of the game with 2 re-rolls available. Thrown into the Howling Abyss to try to destroy the enemy nexus. Some champions in this mode though are ridiculously OP. With all the fighting confined to a single lane, heroes with large AOE (area of effect) are especially strong.

Below, we’re going to run you through our picks for the 10 most OP and obnoxious heroes to either play, or be against in this mode. This list is done in alphabetical order.



Getting Amumu on the Howling Abyss can be a complete changer. For one simple reason, his ultimate. With the game being confined to that small lane, hit ultimate may as well take up the entire width. Which makes it really simple to get a complete 5 man stun off for the team to collapse onto! Late game, the cool-down gets really short, especially after reaching the 40% CDR cap. Just hope he isn’t built with full ability power!



By far one of the most irritating champions to play against in League of Legends in Blitzcrank. At the start of ARAM games, people just tend to farm and wait for level 6. However, if there is a Blitzcrank in the match, you can assume he’ll be throwing out hooks whenever possible completely zoning your team out. As well as even making most fights a 4v5 as soon as a hook hits a target.



There are so many problems with playing against a Fiddlesticks. With the most obvious ability being his E, where he bounces a crow off multiple targets. He can throw these out every few seconds, constantly bouncing between your teammates dealing damage. The worst part is he doesn’t even have to get close, the crows will usually bounce of minions straight towards you. Then he has a wide AOE ultimate which takes up the whole lane!



Illaio makes a great addition to the list. She is ridiculously stupid to play against. Her ‘Test of Spirit’ ability makes it so tentacles are hitting your teammates through out the entire game pretty much. Even whilst sitting under turret. When Illaio finally gets the opportunity to use her ultimate, it obliterates your entire team due to your team being grouped up in a confined space. If you’re playing against an Illaio, expect to get wiped, repeatedly.



Lux is an easy one. With her short cooldowns, Lux is able to constantly put out massive damage against her enemy team. Mostly with her E ability which is also a slow. Firing out her Q, she is also able to stun two enemies at once, getting some easy picks. Finally, when Lux casts her ultimate, it’s able to take off pretty much half the health of the enemy team. It’s usually back up within around 30 seconds towards the end of the game too. Great.



I personally think Nidalee is a massive problem early game. She doesn’t do too well in the late game. Mainly because towards the start and middle portions of the game, she is able to throw a constant amount of spears that will continually take out chunks of your health. Late game though, you can build around that by having a tank constantly on the front line, or just building some magic resist items. Other than that, she doesn’t offer too much.



Shaco is obnoxious no matter which mode you’re playing. But especially more so in ARAM. Mainly because of the box traps that he’ll lay down in both bushes and right on the healing pads. Get hit by one of these and you are feared for up to 1.5 seconds, making you an easy target for the enemy. You’ll also find that Shaco can apply massive pressure by simply camping in a bush and using his Q ability (teleport) pretty much whenever he wants.



Soraka can practically carry an entire game by herself. Not so much in the early game, but definitely late game. Although lately, I’ve seen a few Sorakas building AD on ARAM which is not a good idea. Once a Soraka has built up some Ability Power, she can go on to her Warmogs, meaning she can heal her team mates every second or so without losing any health. Definitely a high priority in team fights!



You knew as soon as you opened this page that this list would contain Teemo. He is by far one of the most obnoxious and annoying champions to play against in League of Legends. Especially on ARAM! Once Teemo hits level 6, he will begin to drop mushrooms around the map, which explode when you walk on them. Not only do they damage you, but the rest of your team who are close by. His Q is a blind, knocking your ADC out of a fight too. You can combat Teemo by buying an Oracle’s Elixer from the in-game shop.



Finally, we have Varus. It was hard to decide whether he was worthy of this list or not. If you’re wondering why he’s on here, it’s because of Varus’ Q ability. It is similar to a Nidalee spear, except it passes through multiple enemies and has a longer range. During the early game phase, Varus can constantly throw these arrows out poking down your team and making them useless in the upcoming battle.

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