10 of the Best Stardew Valley Mods of 2018 (so far)


Gaming10 of the Best Stardew Valley Mods of 2018 (so far)

Stardew Valley has come along way since its release. It has truly exploded, with it becoming well and truly loved by many gamers all over the world. I own it myself on both PC and Nintendo Switch. It’s always my go to game when I just need to sit back and relax.

The modding community has seriously helped bring much needed features to the game, and they are very passionate about creating great content that fits the lore and style of the game. That’s why in this post, we’re going to show you the Top 10 mods for Stardew Valley in 2018!

Don’t get too focused on my numbering system. I just use it to make the post nicer and easier to read. All links go back to Nexus mods where you can find installation instructions and download links.


bathroom mod

Bathroom mod download
Add an extra room to your house! This mod will add a bathroom to your house after you upgrade it to level 2. It’s purely cosmetic and does look good, although you can bathe in the pool to regain stamina which is a great little feature.

Experience Bars

experience bars mod

Experience Bars mod download
Keep track of all of your levels with this awesome mod. Instead of waiting each night to see if you have levelled up one of your skills, you can keep updated live and actually feel the urge to work towards a skill. A small UI is placed in the top right of your game to keep you updated.

Jump Over

jump over mod

Jump Over mod download
There isn’t much to say about this mod except that it lets you jump over things like fences. Pretty useful and can help save time when navigating through Stardew Valley.

Get Dressed

get dressed mod

Get Dressed mod download
Once you start Stardew Valley for the first time, you get to customise your character and pick their appearance just once. The only way you can altar yourself is with clothing items like hats. This mod changes that by adding a mirror to your farm, where you can change your appearance whenever you wish.

HP Bar

hp bar mod

HP Bar mod download
This mod adds a HP bar underneath all enemy creatures in Stardew Valley. Currently there is no way of knowing how many more swings a cave bat needs to die, but this mod fixes that.

Bigger Backpack

bigger backpack mod

Bigger Backpacks mod download
The Bigger Backpacks mod does what it says on the tin, gives a bigger backpack. It adds a new bag to Pierre’s Store in Stardew Valley, which can be bought for 50,000 gold. It takes quite a while to save up for the first backpack upgrade at 2000 gold, so this isn’t for new players that’s for sure. The extra space is definitely needed though and a must purchase if you can save up enough!

Elle’s Barn Animal Replacements

barn animal replacements mod

Elle’s Barn Animal Replacements mod download
This mod gives you some new options for Barn animals. Most of them are retextures, such as changing the colours of pigs or giving them spots. When you install this mod, you have to replace existing animals. You can’t get new animals without extra mods, so to change the sheep texture, you’ll be getting rid of the original sheep model. Still a great mod, as it adds fresh faces to the game.

NPC Map Locations

npc map locations mod

NPC Map Locations mod download
One of the most daunting tasks in Stardew Valley is having to deal with birthdays. That, and timed quests. With this mod, you will be able to see where all of the NPCs currently are, so that you don’t have to have Wikipedia open looking up everyone’s schedules! This mod can be customised with many options from only showing NPCs you’ve talked to or NPCs within a certain range.

Makeshift Multiplayer

makeshift multiplayer mod

Makeshift Multiplayer mod download
It’s no secret that ConcernedApe (the developer) is working on multiplayer. He confirmed it himself in a recent post, and it’s been proven to work in older videos. However one modder has taken it amongst themselves to provide a temporary solution. The Makeshift Multiplayer mod allows you to play with friends on PC pretty easily.

Gift Taste Helper

gift taste helper mod

Gift Taste Helper mod download
Another great Stardew Valley mod which thankfully removes the need for Wikipedia is Gift Taste Helper. What this mod does is provides you with information on what gifts residents of Stardew Valley like most. Helping you to build & maintain perfect relationships. There is a few different settings and modes to experiment with, to not make the game too easy. That concludes our Best Stardew Valley mods of 2018!

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