Top 10 Best Mods for The Forest in 2020


GamingTop 10 Best Mods for The Forest in 2020

The Forest is a spectacular survival game, loved by many. This is obvious by the fact that it will often have the highest concurrent players on Steam out of all games in the survival genre.

Players are given the task of finding out what happened to their son after crashing on a mutant infested island. Whilst the game offers a lot to do when it comes to building and surviving, mods can enhance this experience.

Below, we’ve put together a list of the Top 10 Best The Forest Mods currently available. For more The Forest Guides and Best-of content, make sure to check out our dedicated area here.

1: Ultimate Cheat Menu

First up is Ultimate Cheat Menu, and just like you’d expect, adds many new cheats into The Forest to make the game easier. Some of the cheats include the ability to fly, noclip through structures, change time on the map, control the weather, spawn in enemies, teleport and more. 

2: Map

Next up is Map. It’s a simple mod that adds a map into The Forest, showing you the locations of many important places in the game world. It displays your current location (as well as other players on the server), displays the location of enemies, ability to zoom in and even a map of all the caves.

3: Infinite Zipline

Another simple mod is Infinite Zipline. Just like it sounds, it removes the limits on Ziplines allowing you to make them as long as you want. With this mod installed, you could theoretically have a Zipline take you across the entire island, although it would take quite a bit of work to set-up! 

4: Better Blueprints

better blueprints

Better Blueprints is a mod that makes a lot of changes to the crafting system in The Forest. Some of these features include quick interactions, reverse rotate (by pressing F), the ability to build anywhere you want, custom blueprint colors, no anchor-point limit and even infinite ziplines as shown above.

5: Skip Plane Crash

skip plane crash

Another mod that’s incredibly simple, but saves you a bit of time every now and again. Skip Plane Crash simply skips the cutscene at the start of the Forest that you’ll see each time you start/join a new server. 

6: Zipline Log Storage

One of the easiest ways to obtain logs is by heading away from your base and sending them home via Zipline. With this The Forest mod installed, after sending a log down the line, it will automatically be placed into any Log Holder within 20 metres. It’s a great mod that will certainly save you a lot of time.

7: Player Upgrade Points

The Player Upgrade Points mod transforms The Forest into an RPG game. It’s a huge mod that adds many new features and mechanics. With this installed, you’ll gain points upon levelling up. These points can then be spent on perks such as increasing health regeneration, attack speed, weapon damage and so much more.

8: Easy Building

Another cheat mod is Easy Building. It’s a simple mod, all it does it reduce the amount of building materials required when crafting structures and buildings by half. However it really will help you progress through the game faster, and increase your chances of survival!

9: M4A1 Weapon Mod

Not very many mods for The Forest will add new assets like this one. After installing this mod, you’ll have an M4A1 Assault Rifle added to your game, which you can use to kill enemies and other animals on your island. It’s a lot different to the conventional weapons like the bow & arrow which we’re used to.

10: Tree Respawn

Finally, we have Tree Respawn. In The Forest, you’ll need to cut down the trees for wood which you can use to build structures. The trees around you will quickly be depleted. It’s not too bad, as each night, 10% of trees will respawn. However with this mod, you can instantly make 10% of the trees respawn simply by pressing SHIFT + R.

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