10 Best The Forest Mods Working in 2018

best mods for the forest 2018

The Forest is a spectacular survival game, loved my many. It’s usually one of the games with the highest concurrent players when looking at the survival genre.

Players are given the task of finding out what happened to their son after crashing on a mutant infested island. Whilst the game offers a lot to do when it comes to building and surviving, mods can enhance this experience.

Unfortunately, The Forest doesn’t have great modding support right now, no where near the levels of games such as Fallout & Skyrim. It’s possible that this could change in the future, but right know, the modding scene is bleak to say the least.

You can see a list of 10 Mods for The Forest that are working in 2018 below. If modding support does get better, we’ll come back and update this list in the future.

10In-Game Crosshair

This simple mod just adds a crosshair to the game. By default, it can be enabled/disabled with the H key. The author of the In-Game Crosshair mod states themselves that the mod doesn’t have much use in the game. However that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.


There aren’t a lot of mods that affect the server in The Forest. However this one does. ServerMod¬†adds a few new settings, such as regrowing 2-5% of trees every night. Post in chat when a player is dying, as well as posting when a player connects and disconnects. These are more just quality of life changes.

8Tree Respawn

By default, around 10% of trees regrow every night in The Forest. Sometimes, this might not be enough, depending on how many you’re cutting down each night. When you install the Tree Re-spawn mod, you can instantly re-spawn 10% of all missing trees by holding SHIFT & pressing R.

7Easy Building

The Easy Building mod for The Forest is a balancing mod. It aims to reduce the building cost of every structure and building in the game by half. This is definitely a welcomed mod if you’re struggling to build a base with defences.

6Infinite Fire

One of the most annoying and time consuming tasks in The Forest has to be running around your base at night lighting fires and torches. You have to do this so that you have a light source and can see whats going on. When using the Infinite Fire mod, your fires will not go out and you will no longer need to add leaves.

5Better Blueprints

There are a few annoyances when it comes to the building system in The Forest. Thankfully, the Better Blueprints mod aims to fix most of them. Installing this mod allows you to reverse rotate buildings, build on any terrain, change blueprint colours, remove the anchor-point limit and have infinite zip-lines.

4Creative +

Installing the Creative + mod adds a few changes to when you are playing in creative mode. It removes anchor-point limits, allowing you to build complex and large structures. Finish all blueprints with one hotkey, and remove all blueprints with another hotkey. There are a few features planned for this mod, such as flying mode and instant destroy structures.

3Full Inventory

This mod is very simple, yet very helpful. The Full Inventory mod will fill your inventory with every item possible at the push of a button. By default, its the F7 key. If you choose to install this mod, you are stuck with a full inventory as it can be difficult to clear out.

2Better Flashlight

The default flashlight in The Forest feels pretty weak, not providing a lot of artificial light. Installing the Better Flashlight mod helps with this. It increases the intensity of the plastic torch, so that you can see things further away.

1More Enemies Mod Plus

If The Forest doesn’t feel scary enough or you aren’t encountering enough enemies, then this mod will certainly help. After installing More Enemies Mod Plus, you can expect to find twice the amount of enemies, as this mod just simply doubles them!


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