4 Portal Easter Eggs & Secrets you might have missed

portal 2 easter eggs

It’s hard to believe that Portal 2 came out 7 years ago, and the first Portal another 4 years before that. Many fans are clinging onto what little hope they have that Valve will bring out a sequel to the franchise, Portal 3. The only thing we’ve seen that comes close is the Bridge Constructure Portal game.

Even with the games coming close to a decade old, we’re still learning and finding new things. Here are 5 Easter Eggs and Secrets for both Portal games you might have missed, courtesy of Reddit.


Test Chamber 19

When you first retrieve your Portal gun, the first location you come across is Test Chamber 19. If you’ve played Portal 1, then this location should be very familiar. That’s because this is the final test chamber that you visit in the first Portal game!


The cake is NOT a lie

After Chells escape in Portal 1, you can find an actual recipe for a cake on several computer monitors. The image above shows ingredients such as 1 large egg and chocolate chips. During the Battle of GLaDOS, the Intelligence Core will repeat the ingredients. The Portal cake was also inspired by the ‘Black Forest Cake’ sold in a Bakery near Valves HQ.


Witcher 3 Crossover

In Witcher 3, all the portals in Moreau’s lair are either blue or orange. When heading through a blue portal, the returning portal will be orange. A nice little nod to the Portal series. In the same area, is a crate with light pink hearts on each side to represent the companion cube.


The Charred Companion Cube

Remember that charred and burnt cube that was returned to you at the end of Portal 2? It’s the same cube that you incinerated yourself in Portal 1 for the Fratricide achievement. A nice throwback. 

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  1. I found a new secret!! I will be posting this in a few places… In test chamber 17, in the rat man room, you can hear the rat man in the walls if you are careful.

    Finding this room has been written about for years (you simply send a light bridge into the hole in the wall) – but no one has ever heard actual proof that the Rat Man is still alive- until now 🙂

    It can only be heard if you have the music turned on (nothing comes up on the subtitles unfortunately) and I found this at 11:20pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on the 10-6-18 it may be time/date specific (more on that later).

    Position your character in the corridor about halfway from the top of the stairs and the rat room (with the spinning fan in the ceiling), facing the strange moon/face drawing on the wall. Really push yourself into the wall to hear it as clear as you can- and you should hear the rat man murmuring behind the wall.

    The key to this mystery (and why it has NEVER been found before) may be the picture/face’s eyes look like two moons…

    Remember the bottom of the fall/well where you first picked up the portal gun? The room with portal-able walls with paintings of Chell on them? Remember looking up (directly up from the portal’s platform) and seeing the moons (with numbers) written into the ceiling plates? Maybe the numbers on the ceiling refer to specific times/dates (like this time, the time I found this secret) and I got lucky with the combination.

    Luke Frohling


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