5 of the Best Hearthstone Card Combos


Gaming5 of the Best Hearthstone Card Combos

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is one of the most widely played collectable card games in the world. Millions of Hearthstone players battle it out in the game’s rankings to reach the coveted legend rank. To climb the rankings, it helps to have some strong card combos up your sleeve.

A lot of Hearthstone players will have a few card combos in their decks that they can play in combination. Combining two, or more, cards with combos enables players to maximize their effects. The most devastating card combos can be deck victory conditions. These are some of the good combos you can play in Hearthstone.

1. Leeroy Jenkins and Savage Roar (Druid)

This card combo can be a big victory condition in Aggro Druid decks. Savage Roar is the key card for Aggro Druid decks as that enables players to buff all their minions’ attacks by +2 for a single turn. You can combine the three-mana Roar with the five-mana Jenkins Charge card to increase its attack from six to eight. Mr. Jenkins and Roar alone will inflict 10 damage as you’ll also get an additional +2 attack for your hero. This combo can be devastating when you have four or five minions already on the board.

2. Grommash and Cruel Taskmaster (Warrior)

Grommash Hellscream is an eight-mana Warrior Charge card with four and nine attack and health values. However, this minion’s attack increases to 10 when it has lost some health. You can increase Grommash’s attack to 12 by combining it with the two-mana Cruel Taskmaster card. Taskmaster will inflict one damage on Hellscream and further buff its attack by two to give the minion a 12 attack value. Therefore, this is a 10-mana combo that’s great for finishing games.

3. Plague of Wrath and Whirlwind (Warrior)

Plague of Wrath wipes out all damaged minions on the board. You can eliminate all your opponent’s minions on the board by combining Plague with Whirlwind. Whirlwind is a one-mana card that inflicts one damage on all minions. Thus, that will reduce all the minions’ health so you can then clean up with Plague of Wrath. This six-mana combo will have exactly the same impact as the eight-mana Twisting Nether card.

4. Force of Nature, Aeroponics, and Anubisath (Druid)

This is a great combo for Treant Druid decks. First, you play the five-mana Force of Nature, which adds three Treants to the board. Playing that card reduces the Anubisath Defender and Aeroponic cards in your hand to zero mana. Thus, you can then play a zero-mana Aeroponics for a two card draw. After that, you can add the 3/5 Anubisath Defender Taunt minion to the board for nothing as well. This combo gets even better when you have more than one Anubisath Defender and Aeroponics card in your hand!

5. Mechwarper, Summoning Portal, and SN1P (Warlock)

This is a triple card combo that’s a victory condition in some Warlock-class decks. Playing the Mechwarper and Summoning Portal cards for a combined six-mana total will reduce the SN1P SN4P Mech to zero mana. As SN1P SN4P has Echo, you can then keep on playing and playing that 2/3 minion without limit until your turn time runs out. You’ll never run out of board space as SN1P SN4P also has a Magnetic effect that enables you to merge its minions together. You can finish off your opponent on the same turn you play this combo when you already have another Mech on the board to magnetize and then attack with.

Those card combos can have a decisive impact on Hearthstone matches. Three of those are combos that can, and probably will, win you matches on the turn they’re played.