5 Reasons to play Sword Art Online Integral Factor


Gaming5 Reasons to play Sword Art Online Integral Factor

If you are an anime fanatic, you might remember Sword Art Online (SAO) back in 2012. The awesome adventures and struggled Kirito and the gang faces against being trapped in their virtual world of Ainclad became one of 2012’s cherished anime’s. Well now you can be a part of that adventure with the mobile MMORPG for IOS and Android called Sword Art Online Integral Factor (SAOIF). If you’re wondering why you should download it, here are my 5 reasons to play!

1) The Experience of SAO

If you loved the story SAO had, you can now experience it first hand without experiencing the traumatic fear of death when HP goes to zero. Just like Kirito had Asuna, you won’t be alone in the story. The character you create meets a young lady of the name Koharu who fights along side you in combat. The goal is exactly like the animes, reach the 100th floor and beat the floor boss! Along the way you will meet iconic characters from the anime along with new additions from its sequel series. Oh we aren’t talking just Leafa, but also Sinnon and others from related series/movies.

2)  An Alternate Story

As mentioned, your going to meet characters in the franchise of SAO that shouldn’t make an appearance in the world of Ainclad. Well, that’s due to this being a different story that doesn’t revolve around Kirito’s actions, but your own. Thus, it makes sense to enjoy the creative freedom that comes with alternate story lines that makes you the protagonist.

3)  The clothes make the Avatar

Just like any good MMORPG, character customization is essential to the experience of the gamer. SAOIF delivers on its customization with allowing not only a workshop to create weapons and armor, but avatar gear as well. While the weapons do affect your stats, the Avatar gear just makes you look cooler. SAOIF also uses events to help get players to get exclusive gear for their avatars.

4) Steady on the Events

Like all good MMORPG’s, you can’t deny sometimes the story missions can get stale. To avoid that, events take place with individual awards or goals setup for added enjoyment. Each event has individual recommended¬† level requirements to tackling them. Many vary from side stories to dungeon clearing. Of course, you also have the usual holiday events such as Christmas or Valentines Day event which hold limited time exclusive gear.

5) Constantly Improving

SAOIF is constantly putting the players experience first. Right now it’s holding a questionnaire to help improve the game. I’m it’s last update, SAOIF enabled a quick match-make system to get players to form one time parties to tackle dungeons together. Which makes for an easier play through during level 60 and above dungeon sieges.

To wrap up, SAOIF can be a great experience for gamers on the go. It’s free to download and play. Of course their are transactions for in game content such as buying gems (in game currency), it does not hinder the overall gameplay of the gamer. So give it a chance!