5 Tips for Beating Mouthpiece in Borderlands 3


Gaming5 Tips for Beating Mouthpiece in Borderlands 3

Mouthpiece is such as interesting Boss in Borderlands 3. The whole fight feels incredibly epic with the music, explosions and insane lighting. He is also the first difficult boss that you will probably face in Borderlands 3, with him offering quite a challenge! 

That’s why we felt it was necessary to give some tips for beating him so that you can hopefully obtain some legendary weapons and/or skins. For more Borderlands 3 Guides & Best-of content for PS4, PC and Xbox One, make sure to check out our dedicated area here

Tips for Beating Mouthpiece

Here are 5 Tips for Beating Mouthpiece in Borderlands 3. We played with Zane, and his clone ability was a great help during this fight.

  1. Keep the Apocolytes alive. The smaller enemies that surround you can actually help you out a lot. Don’t keep all of them alive, but maybe 1 or 2 at a time. The reason being is that if you are knocked down in Borderlands 3, you can kill an enemy to be revived. These little guys are super easy to kill and guarantee you many second chances.
  2. There’s a safe spot (sort of). Near one of the walls is a staircase that leads to a sealed gate. You can still take damage from the closest speakers, but this spot can certainly keep you alive. If you’re running low on health and shield, sitting here for a moment might just help you regenerate as long as Mouthpiece isn’t staring right at you. 
  3. Use the containers around the room. Surrounded the edges of the area is containers which can be searched. Whilst they contain a lot of ammunition, they also have health, which might just save you from life and death. You don’t even need to pick them up, just run past and search the containers and the health will automatically be given to you.
  4. Avoid the speakers (obviously). You can see which speakers are charging up by taking a quick look at the wires on the ground as well as the ring around the speakers. Once the ring fills up, the speaker will explode dealing massive damage. You want to be relatively far away from these.
  5. Avoid bullets. Mouthpiece and his friends don’t actually deal too much damage, the main problem you have to deal with is the speakers. Keep using your ultimate abilities during fights and slowly chip away at his health. Eventually, all the speakers will start going at once and it becomes difficult. 
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