6 Tips & Tricks for PUBG Mobile’s Sanhok Map


Gaming6 Tips & Tricks for PUBG Mobile’s Sanhok Map

PUBG Mobile currently includes four maps for its Battle Royale mode. Sanhok is the smallest of those maps, which makes it the best one for quicker games.

The Sanhok map is PUBG’s Vietnam that’s full of tropical jungle. The map consists of three islands connected by bridges. That map also has some notable weather conditions, such as heavy fog and rain, which can greatly reduce visibility. Here are a few tips for PUBG Mobile’s Sanhok map.

Don’t land at the boot camps

Sanhok has four military camps that include lots of gear. Camp Alpha, Bootcamp, Camp Charlie, and Camp Bravo are the military camps that lots of players land at. Therefore, they are also the most risky places to land at on the map (and more generally). Therefore, it can often be a very bad idea to land at those spots as you’ll frequently encounter early competition there that might end your Sanhok matches pretty sharpish.

There are some good coastal spots around Sanhok that are somewhat safer to land at and include plenty of loot. Locations like the Docks, Lakawi, Ban Tai (just south of Camp Charlie), and Tambang are good alternative landing spots to the military camps. You might still occasionally encounter some early competition there, but they are much safer bets than the camps.

The Lakawi location

Make the most of camouflage

Sanhok is full of tropical trees and vegetation. So, this map includes more natural camouflage than the others. It is probably the best map to go prone on as it’s hard to spot players buried in its jungle. You can catch players by surprise by camouflaging yourself within Sanhok’s jungle.

One of the best ways you can camouflage yourself on Sanhok is to pick up one of the green Ghillie Suits. Those are camouflaged outfits that will blend you with the map’s jungle. You can pick them up out of air-dropped crates.

Don’t ride on the scooter

The Scooter is one of Sanhok’s exclusive vehicles, which is also a lot of garbage. The Scooter is a really slow, and you can barely ride up steep hills with it. Players can even run quicker when you start riding a Scooter up sloped terrains. Furthermore, the Scooter provides absolutely no armor, which will leave you very vulnerable to enemy fire. So, don’t take a ride on the Scooter!

The Scooter

Be careful around loot crates

Loot crates that fall on the map inevitably attract players with their red smoke and great gear. It’s the same on every PUBG Mobile map, but going for a loot crate is even more risky on Sanhok at it’s the game’s smallest map. Thus, you’ll more likely run into some competition when you head for a crate in Sanhok. So, you’ve got to be even more careful around crates on Sanhok. Have a look around for hostiles before opening a crate.

Snipe from the northwest cliffs

If you’re looking for a good sniping spot on Sanhok, head to the northwest island on the map. That area on the map includes some of the highest clifftops in Sanhok. So, that’s one of the best places to go when you’ve got a long-range gun and a lot of scope to fire with. Head for the clifftops there, and then open fire at players some way below you.

Sanhok's cliffs on map
The northwest cliffs on Sanhok’s map

Play PUBG Mobile with an emulator

Although PUBG Mobile’s touchscreen controls are reasonably intuitive, a lot of players will probably prefer keyboard or gamepads. You can still play the freely available PUBG Moble on an Android game emulator, such as Bluestacks. Then you can play the game with keyboard controls or Windows gamepad, if you have one, for more precise firing.

Those tips will boost your chances of surviving longer and scooping the Chicken Dinner on PUBG’s Sanhok map. Then you’ll climb the game’s rankings a bit more quickly.