6 Ways to Stay Sane Until Fortnite Season 6


Epic have unveiled the date of Fortnite’s Season Six update – September 27th. That’s this Thursday. Two whole days before Fortnite shifts once more. How can you possibly pass the time without going crazy? Here are 6 ways you can stop yourself from going insane while waiting for Season 6.

#1: Finish the Season 5 Battle Pass

You mean, you haven’t finished it yet? If that’s the case, you’ve got just about two days left to reach level 100 and claim the Ragnarok skin for yourself.

Fortnite Season 5

Your first port of call should be the weekly challenges – if you’ve not finished them all, now’s your chance! Many of the non-combat challenges are best completed in 50vs50 mode. The relative lack of enemies will make it easy to, for example, score a huge number of ATK or shopping cart trick points, shoot a few clay pigeons, or complete the time trials scattered across the map.

If you’re still a few battle stars short, take a look at the unlockable backgrounds from the Road Trip challenge. You’ll find that the first seven all depict the locations of secret, hidden stars on the map. If found, these stars could give you the boost you need to finish the Battle Pass before the servers switch off on Thursday. Best of luck!

#2: Just keep playing Fortnite

“The best defense is a good offense”

I’m not sure who said that, probably Shakespeare or something. And if any historical figure can be pretty much guaranteed to have been massively into Fortnite, it’s Shakespeare. Where would Macbeth be without his fort? Can you imagine The Tempest without the storm? And let’s not forget that Much Ado About Nothing is literally just Battle Royale but with marriage instead of guns.

So, in honour of the bard, why not just carry on playing Fortnite like nothing’s happening? Maybe you’ve got a few battle pass challenges left to finish, or you’d like to spend a bit more time with the current LTMs. Just try to forget about all the incredibly wild, exciting things that are no doubt on their way in the next few days.

Why get all hot and bothered when you can just calmly log in on Thursday and casually view the changes?

#3: Fantasize about Season 6

OMG SEASON SIX IS OUT THIS WEEK. FOR REAL. If you couldn’t tell, I’m incredibly excited.

All hail the cube

Season 5 has had some of the coolest, most exciting in-game events. From the live rocket launch introducing rifts to the game, the huge variety of LTMs that have been available and the the storm-born cube itself (all hail), the past ten weeks have been full of excitement and intrigue. It’s anyone’s guess what Epic have in store for us from Thursday, but I for one am incredibly excited.

One thing we do know is that Season 6 will somehow involve a robot llama DJ. Which, given that this is Fortnite, probably won’t be the weirdest thing about it.

#4: Make wild predictions about the content of Seaso 6

Everybody loves a good fake rumour! Especially ones that sound juuuuuuust about believable. Why not spend your free time adding fuel to the fire by coming up with outlandish ideas that will never happen, then posting about them on Reddit and YouTube? Bonus points if your idea would actually be detrimental to the game.

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Having trouble coming up with anything? Use our patented FortNonsense Generator™ to help!

Click the arrows a few times and see what bizarre predictions you can create.

In Fortnite Season 6,

(Please share your favourite combinations with us @PwrDownBlog on Twitter!)

#5: Play something else

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably completed the Season 6 Battle Pass by now. If you haven’t, go back to #1 and start reading this post all over again.

Finished? Good. The break between seasons might be an excellent time to try out some new gaming flavour to make your return to Fortnite all the sweeter. If you haven’t played this year’s top releases like God of War and Spiderman – now’s your chance!

Or, you may prefer to stick to the multiplayer side of things. Maybe it’s time to return to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for a few days, just to see how the competition are stacking up. Or you could give H1Z1 a try.

Personally, I’m filling my usual Fortnite time with Destiny 2, which is free this month for Playstation Plus subscribers.

#6: Go outside

Seriously, it’s nearly winter. If you don’t go enjoy the great outdoors while you can, it’ll be cold and unpleasant out there for months (depending on the weather where you live, of course).

You could go for a walk, have a nice sandwich, maybe even meet a cool dog. Don’t like dogs? Go swimming! People rarely (if ever) take their dogs to the swimming pool. Swimming is also a good way to exercise your arms, legs… Basically all the body parts which are not exercised by spending 8 hours a day playing Fortnite Battle Royale.

If you live with or near other humans, this would also be a good time to practice interacting with them. You never know when you might get thrown into a squads match with some random with a mic, and it’s always handy to be able to at least attempt communication with them.

These are just some of the things you can try. Ultimately, the best cure for anticipation is time. Just a few more days of patience, and you’ll be able to explore Season 6 to your heart’s content.

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