7 Games that deserve a remaster or remake


Here at PwrDown we love a good remaster. We love simple HD remasters like the incredible Starcraft Remastered. And we love complete re-imaginings like the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake. We have had some great remasters of old classics in recent years. But we think there’s still room for a few more. Here is a list of 7 games we feel deserve a remaster.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis


Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was terrifying when it released back in 1999. Set soon after the events of RE2 it follows Jill Valentine. Jill’s mission is simple, get the hell of out Raccoon City while not getting pulverized by the Nemesis. Nemesis is a new bio weapon designed to do one thing, kill “STARS”. He had a special ability that no other enemy in the previous games had, he could open doors!

I still remember the first time I experienced this. I had just encountered him for the second time. My ammo and health were low, I saw a door nearby and made a run for it. I took a second to catch my bearings, no zombies in here I thought, nice try pal I’m home dry. I pushed forward when I heard a crash and the music suddenly changed. Nemesis had followed me. Panic ensued and before I could make a move Nemesis killed me.

For the rest of the game I felt uneasy. I didn’t even trust the save rooms anymore. This is a feeling I have rarely felt in games since and why I think this game deserves a remaster. Maybe if the RE2 remake is as good as we expect and does well we might see Nemesis return.

Mass Effect

Mass Effect

Back in 2007 Bioware’s Mass Effect released to huge critical acclaim. It set a new standard for interactive and cinematic storytelling in games. The game follows Shepard, a human special forces commander turned Specter, on a quest to hunt down a rogue Specter called Saren. What follows is an epic adventure across the galaxy filled with many memorable characters and plot twists.

The player can make dialogue choices throughout the game which greatly impact the story. Characters may live or die depending on the players choices and these consequences carry over to future games. While ME2 is a better game in almost every way I think ME1 often gets overlooked. It originally released as an Xbox exclusive so many people missed out and it does have some problems, specifically the combat.

After the disappointing Mass Effect 3 and the disaster that was Andromeda the series is at an all time low. We think now would be a good time to remaster the original to recapture magic and the spirit of a series which influenced so many other games that came after it.

Commandos 2: Men of Courage

Commandos 2

Commandos 2: Men of Courage is a real-time tactics game, released in September 2001. The game takes place during World War 2. The player takes control of a team of commandos, each with their own unique personality and skills. This was the second entry in the franchise and by far my favorite.

Over the course of 22 missions the player uses different combinations of commandos. Figuring out what each commando could do and where and when you should use their skills was a tonne of fun. The game could be frustrating at times but it was almost always rewarding. You would set up a plan of action, quicksave then execute the plan. If the plan failed you would load the previous save and try another plan of action. This sort of experimentation is rarely found in other genres.

This genre is currently seeing a resurgence, with the excellent Shadow Tactics in 2016 and a new Desperados game announced at Gamescom. Kalypso Media recently purchased the Commandos IP. And while no announcement has been made our fingers are crossed that a remaster or new game in the franchise is on its way.

TimeSplitters 2

TimeSplitters 2

TimeSplitters 2 is a first person shooter developed by Free Radical Design. A studio made up of former Rare developers, who worked on games like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. Known for its campaign where the player travels through a number of different time periods, each with its own unique weapons and style. It had split screen multiplayer of up to four players, a variety of modes and the ability to add up to 10 computer controlled bots to a match.

This game was a tonne of fun back when it was released. My friends and I would play four player split-screen and argue all night about who was screen sniping who. I don’t know how well this game would hold up today as first person shooters have changed a lot since its release. But with the successful resurrection of classics like Wolfenstein and Doom, we think there’s still a place for TimeSplitters.

THQ Nordic announced recently that it had purchased TimeSplitters IP. So we may be seeing a remaster or a new entry into the TimeSplitters series before too long.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert


command and conquer

I could have picked almost any of the C&C games here for a remaster, they are all worthy of a remaster but I’ve gone with the original Red Alert.

Command and Conquer Red Alert was the second game in the C&C franchise. Developed by the late great Westwood studios in 1996 as a prequel to the original Command and Conquer. Red Alert is set in an alternate version of history where in 1946 Albert Einstein travels backwards through time to 1924 where he meets a young Adolf Hitler. This causes a change in the timeline where Hitler never rose to power. Instead the USSR become powerful under Stalin and they invade Eastern Europe.

Apart from the wonderful Starcraft 2 trilogy, they really don’t make RTS games like this anymore. Known for its very different functioning factions and campy cutscenes, C&C released to rave reviews and generally good sales. Unfortunately the C&C franchises has taken a big step back in recent years. EA purchased Westood Studios in 1998 and shut down the C&C developer only five years later. In the years that followed EA slowly destroyed the franchise, releasing the abysmal Command and Conquer 4: Tiberium Twilight and cancelling the promising free to play version which was just called Command and Conquer.

All had been quiet on the C&C front until E3 this year when EA spent a good portion of their press event showcasing Command and Conquer: Rivals, a new free to play mobile game. The game looks okay in its own right but it’s certainly not what the fans want from a new C&C game. But it’s more than we have had for a long time and I’m willing to take anything at this point.

Maybe Rivals will be successful enough to persuade EA to maybe make another full game in the franchise, or even a remaster of one of the many great C&C games.

Fallout 2

Fallout 2Black Isle Studios follow-up to the original Fallout was a perfect sequel in almost every way. Set 80 years after the original, the story follows a descendant of the hero from the first game. The hero is sent on a quest to save their village from starvation. By tracking down a machine known as the Garden of Eden Creation Kit. Fallout 2 puts the story in the hands of player and was a truly open experience in how you tackled its many obstacles.

Fallout 2 was an incredible experience, it truly gave the player freedom to create the character they want and play how ever they wanted. You could even make the game almost impossible for yourself, by decreasing your intelligence stat to one your character becomes incapable of speech. Which has hilarious but dire consequences.

We’d love to see this get a remaster. For us Obsidian would be the prefect studio to remake this classic. They made the best modern Fallout (New Vegas) and are staffed by some former Black Isle Studios members. Which makes them the prefect fit for a Fallout 2 remaster.

Persona 4

persona 4

Persona 4 released all the way back in 2008, it would be a long nine years of a wait for fans before the western release of the phenomenal Person 5. The Persona series are two games in one, one half is a mechanically deep turn based RPG with lite Pokemon elements. And the other half is a life simulation game, where you spend time hanging out with friends, studying for exams or other activities which grant you attribute bonuses. In Persona 4 the protagonist and his friends get caught up in a murder mystery and must figure out the connection between the murders and the mysterious other dimension.

The Persona series was always popular but only since the release of Persona 5 has the series reached mainstream acclaim. We think many people who are new to the Persona series might have missed out on this gem. Unless you have a PS2 or a vita it may be difficult to get your hands on this game.

Sega, the parent company of Persona developer Atlus, has recently been remastering a lot of its games. Ones which traditionally only sold well in Japan but are now seeing a resurgence in the west these last few years. All the Yakuza games are receiving the remaster treatment along with Shenmue 1 and 2. With Persona 5 outselling its predecessors significantly and its cache at an all time high, we think the time is right for a remaster of Persona 4, to capitalize on the increased popularity and get this fantastic game into more people’s hands.


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