How to add your own Movies & TV Shows to Kodi 17



Adding your own Movies & TV Shows to Kodi

Before we begin, this guide has nothing to do with streaming Movies & TV Shows. This guide will show you how you can add your own files to the Kodi platform, which is it’s intended use anyway.

Therefor no add-ons will be installed and Movies will not be accessed illegally. You’ll be adding your own MKV’s, MP4’s, Ripped Movies etc to your Kodi Library. You may have your Movie files stored on your Hard Drive, NAS Storage Box etc.

Kodi is a media platform, and it’s original use isn’t for streaming Movies & TV Shows from third party add-ons. Kodi’s main purpose is to provide a sleek, easy to use platform for hosting your own content. When you add your own media files to Kodi, they will have all information downloaded for them including images, description, cast etc. Then you can sort through your library and pick what you want to watch.

How to add Movies and TV Shows to Kodi V17
Kodi Home Screen showing library of Movies

How to add Movies & TV Shows to Kodi V17.4 Krypton

This guide is for the Estuary Skin, which is the default skin that comes with Kodi 17. Therefor most people should be able to follow along easily.

  1. On the Kodi Home Screen, choose “Videos”. Inside, then select “Files”.
  2. Then choose “Add Videos”. On the right, select “Browse”.
  3. Navigate to where your Movies & TV Show files are stored and press “OK” on the right. Don’t worry if your files don’t appear in the folder.
  4. Ensure the bottom text box has some text inside, such as “Movies” or something.
  5. Hit “OK” on the bottom of the window. A new interface will pop up.
  6. For “This Directory contains”, choose Movies or TV Shows.
  7. You can leave other options how they are. However double check over them anyway.
  8. Press “OK” one more time on the right hand side. Kodi will begin adding your Movies/TV Shows.
  9. Once it’s done, you will find them on your home screen, sorted by Genre, Year etc.
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