AFK Arena: How to Change Your Name


When you first sign up and begin playing AFK Arena, you will be given the default name which is “New Player”. This is how you will appear to chat and to any friends who you add or add you.

At first, it feels a little confusing because New Player sort of feels like a rank and not your actual player name. I spent a while wondering when it would change until I learnt that you need to go in and set it yourself.

Below, you can read our quick guide for changing your name in the AFK Arena Mobile Game. If you want to check out some more short guides, check the related articles section at the bottom of the post!

Changing Your Name

You can see on the image below that I have the default name “New Player”. This doesn’t look great in the chat or to my friends list, so to change this, we want to click the portrait in the top left corner of the screen.

You will be taken to your profile, where you can customise many aspects such as your avatar, name, server, language and more. Press the feather icon next to the name option to edit your name.

Enter your desired name and apply the changes. This is how you will now appear in the in-game chat and to your friends. Remember, you can come back at any time and change your name again.

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