Alan Wake TV Show in Development


An Alan Wake TV show is in development, according to Variety.

Peter Calloway, best known for his work on Legion and Cloak & Dagger is set to write the pilot. He will also serve as Showrunner. The original Alan Wake video game writer, Sam Lake is attached as an executive producer. The current plan is to start production in October.

Released in 2010, Alan Wake was influenced by TV shows such as ‘The Twilight Zone’ and films such as ‘Secret Window,’ among others. Its narrative played out in chapters presented like an episodic TV show.

Focusing on a writer suffering from writer’s block, the video game was a surreal, horror experience where the plot of his latest novel comes to life. However, Alan Wake has no memory of ever writing that novel.

A spinoff called Alan Wake’s American Nightmare was released in 2012. Remedy Entertainment stated this would not be the final game of the series. However, in 2013 they shifted focus onto Quantum Break, and they are now working on Control.