Apex Legends: Choosing the Best Legend to Play


GamingApex Legends: Choosing the Best Legend to Play

Currently in Apex Legends, there are a total of 14 different Legends available to play with the recent addition of Revenant. There’s definitely more coming in the future too. With all these Legends with their different play-styles and abilities, the question to be asked is which are the best to play?

Apex Legends Revenant
The Newest Legend to the roster

It can be a little confusing and intimidating at first for new players, but don’t worry. In this guide, we’ll provide some tips which will hopefully give you insight into what Legends to play. For more Apex Legends guides, make sure to check out our dedicated area here!


There are four classes in Apex Legends that a Legend can fit into. These are Offensive, Defensive, Support and Recon. Below you can see which class each Legend fits into.


  • Bangalore 
  • Revenant 
  • Wraith 
  • Mirage
  • Octane


  • Gibraltar 
  • Caustic 
  • Wattson


  • Lifeline


  • Pathfinder 
  • Bloodhound 
  • Crypto 

Each class designation signifies how a legends abilities add to team composition, as well as their stats. Defensive Legends can take more damage and Support ones can heal over time. 

Apex Legends Crypto
Crypto is the second newest character and a Recon Legend

Assault Legends have abilities that pertain to taking down enemies, pretty straight forward. Whereas Defensive Legends either protect their team with abilities such as Gibraltar’s Shield or set traps, as you might have seen with Caustics Gas.  

Support legends help heal their team. Lifeline can put a drone down that heals her teammates, and her ultimate calls down a care package with healing items. 

Recon Legends have abilities that help locate and hunt down enemy squads. Bloodhound can find enemies in the short-range while also being able to see the the recent footsteps of their target. Instead, Crypto has a drone which he can use to do similar things and can even EMP his enemies with it. 

Team Composition 

Another thing that players are going to need to be aware of when choosing a Legend to play as in Apex Legends is how well that legend syncs up with your team composition. With a maximum of three players to a squad, you are always going to be missing at least of the classes in the game, so you’re going to need to compensate to make up that gap. 

With that being said, it is best to have a composition where everyone is a different class to cover as much ground as possible. You are also going to want to pick a legend who has abilities that match up well with your teams as well, mainly to maximize effectiveness.

As much as everyone wants to play the damage dealers, some of us have to suck it up and play healers for the sake of team composition, and more importantly, teamwork.