Apex Legends: How to add a friend


GamingApex Legends: How to add a friend

In Apex Legends players make up part of a team of three. Together they work their way through the map, communicating and taking out the opposition until they are the only ones left. Although playing with random team members is viable, the game becomes far more fun when you play alongside a friend.

Follow this quick guide and we’ll show you how to pack out your friends list. Or if you’re still stuck, you can find more Apex Legends guides right here at Pwrdown!

Adding a Friend

To get started, you’ll need to have the Origin window open. From there, click on the Friends tab, which will give you the option to add a friend. Click it and you’ll be taken to the Search for friends page.

Paste your friends name in the search bar and send them a request once you find them. Once the invite has been accepted, open up Apex Legends. Your friend’s profile name should now appear in the list. Send an invite and once it is accepted you’ll be able to head straight into a lobby.