Ball Sort Puzzle – Level 50 Solution & Guide


GamingMobileBall Sort Puzzle - Level 50 Solution & Guide

Ball Sort Puzzle is a mobile game available on both iOS & Android. The aim of the game is to move the balls between the tubes, so that each tube is filled with the same ball color. You can only move balls between tubes where that color already exists on top, making it a very puzzling and difficult game.

In this guide, we’re going to give you the solution for completing Level 50 of Ball Sort Puzzle. In this level, there are 11 tubes, with 2 of them being empty at the start of the round. In total, this leaves 36 balls to move around.

Level 50 Solution

The end result for Level 50 should look like the image below. To solve the puzzle, make sure that the far right tube on the top row remains empty. At the start of the round, you start with two empty tubes.

Set the bottom right tube to first contain a grey ball, and the tube to the left of it to contain a dark green ball. Follow this video guide for further instructions and hints.

level 50 solution
Ball Sort Puzzle – Level 50 Solution
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