Battlefield V: Beginners Guide, Tips and Tricks


GamingBattlefield V: Beginners Guide, Tips and Tricks

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EA’s long serving franchise will return in November and we have got you covered with some simple strategies that will help you and your squad dominate the Battlefield.

Choosing The Right Soldier Class

First and foremost, players should pick a class that suits there playing style. Below is information on each class and how it works best. The effectiveness of each class will be dependent on how you individually approach FPS games.

Assault Class

Call of Duty veterans will have success using this class due to it suiting those wishing to run and gun. The weapons and perks will allow you to rush into enemy territory and quickly take out multiple enemies. This is made possible by the fire rate of the assault weapons and the fact that more explosive equipment is available.

Medic Class

The medic class will best suit players who willingly stay together as part of a squad. You will be required to fire most the weapons in the class manually and be prepared to content with a lower rate of fire. The main perk of using the class is that it will allow you to revive teammates at a much quicker rate.

Support Class

This is the most balanced class in the game and is perfect for newcomers. Expect powerful weapons with high rates of fire and the ability to build fortifications quicker than anyone else. This will be the most popular class in the game so if you are struggling to choose a class, give this one a try first.

Recon Class

If you want to use a sniper rifle, this is the class for you. The recon class will be useful in game modes that have wide open spaces and high player counts. Using the class on modes such as Domination will not be helpful to you however as you will quickly be closed in on by enemies. Bear in mind that this class has the longest learning curve and it may take you a couple of hours to perfect the scope of sniper rifles.

General Tips for Battlefield V

Stay with your teammates

Battlefield V features a much lower Time To Kill than the previous instalment. This means that if players are separated from teammates, they will be quickly killed. It is unlikely that medic’s will have time to reach you in this scenario so make sure you stick with the team as much as possible.

Play the Objective

The Battlefield franchise rewards players heavily for capturing objectives. Objective minded players will normally finish top of the leaderboard rather than those with the highest number of kills. Playing the objective will not only help you rank up but it will also result you being surrounded by teammates who will provide you with ammo and medical supplies.

Avoid Open Spaces

Open spaces in Battlefield quickly feel like no man’s land. Most players will be quickly picked off by snipers in the distance and teammates will not risk lives to save you. Playing strategically will allow you to find your way around the map and travel through areas that provide cover. This will help avoid having bullets hit you from multiple directions.

Use the spawn system to your advantage

First and foremost do not spawn on a teammate who you know is surrounded by enemies and will imminently die. You will most likely face the same fate! Instead, back out to the overview of the map and choose to spawn on a base where you think the enemy will next attack. This will allow you to hold down a good position and help your team take or hold the objective.

Be alert when approaching medical and ammo crates

The limited ammo found on the battlefield and fast TTK will result in you regularly searching for nearby supplies. Make sure when approaching these stockpiles that you are aware of enemy players who will be doing the same thing.

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