Battlefield V: Change the Crosshair Color


One small change you may want to make in Battlefield V is changing the crosshair color. The crosshair is the small indicator at the centre of your screen which determines where you are going to shoot.

By default, the crosshair color will be white (255,255,255). You may wish to change it to something that you are used to, such as neon green or red.

Luckily, you have access to millions of colors that you can choose from. Whilst you can also choose to make your crosshair more opaque.

Below, we have a quick guide for changing the crosshair in Battlefiel 5. Whilst we have some more guides for the game available here.

Changing the Crosshair Color

First off, go to the options menu. You can do this from the home screen. You may need to press the ‘more’ button. You should see a screen similar to the screenshot below.

open the gameplay settings in battlefield
Choose the gameplay option

Next, head into the ‘Gameplay’ section. You can change many aspects of the game here by looking in both the ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’ sections. Right now, we just want to change the crosshair settings.

change the crosshair settings battlefield
Adjust the crosshair settings

Start with the crosshair color. Using the RGB spectrum, you can choose any color you want. If you want to make the crosshair slightly opaque, change the visibility just above the color option.

Finally, apply your changes to see them in-game.

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