Battlefield V: How to Enable/Disable Voice Chat


When playing Battlefield V, you may want to communicate with your team via voice chat. Or you may wish to leave it disabled all together. I personally choose to play games without voice chat, as they are often quite toxic environments.

Thankfully, Battlefield 5 comes with some options that you have control over when it comes to voice chat. By default, the game uses push to talk. Meaning other players can only hear you when holding down a certain key on your keyboard or controller.

Below, we have a guide on configuring and using voice chat in Battlefield V. If you’re interested, we’ve covered a few more guides which can be found here.

Using Voice Chat

In Battlefield, head to the Settings menu. You may need to hit the ‘More’ button on the home screen, then choose Options to head to this menu. From there, choose ‘Audio’. It should look like the image below.

options menu battlefield V
The options menu

Once in the audio section, you can control a lot of aspects of the game. You should see a VOIP section about halfway down.

configure voice chat options
Configuring the voice chat options

You can choose to enable or disable voice chat first of all. With I being enabled and O meaning disabled. Whilst just below that, you can control the volume of other players and use ‘Game volume reduction’.

By default, the key to talk to other players is Left ALT. You can change this at any time by going to the controls area.

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