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Battlefield V has full voice chat support. Allowing you to communicate with your team and squad members at any time using your headset. This isn’t necessary, as it’s possibly to turn off voice communication all together.

I choose to do this with every game. Sure, you lack some teamwork and may not be able to work together as efficiently. But you get to avoid all the toxic people you come across.

Battlefield 5 uses push to talk for its voice chat. Meaning your voice will only be transmitted through the game when holding down a specific button (which you can choose yourself).

We have a quick guide below for using push to talk and voice chat in general. Whilst we have some more guides for the game available here.

Using Push to Talk

You can find the control for push to talk by looking in the Key Bindings section on PC. Or the controls area on console. By default, the button will be Left ALT. You can change this to anything you want, such as a side mouse button.

push to talk key binding control
Key binding for push to talk

If you want to disable voice chat entirely, that is possible too. To do so, head into the audio settings. You can access this area from the options menu, where you can also find the Key Bindings screen.

audio settings battlefield
Go to the audio tab from the options menu

In here, you can choose to either enable or disable voice chat entirely. Check under the VOIP section.

configure voice chat settings
Configure the voice chat settings

Next to VOIP, you can choose to enable or disable voice chat all together. With I meaning enabled and O meaning disabled. Whilst you can also change the volume of other players, and choose whether to enable ‘Game volume reduction’.

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