BATTLETECH: Best Settings for Fixing Lag & Increasing FPS

BATTLETECH Best settings for FPS

In this quick guide, we’re going to show you how to customize your settings for BATTLETECH. Mainly the video settings. Specifically, we will be showing you what settings to change to get the highest FPS and least lag.

This is for the sacrifice of your game quality, whether it be textures, lighting, shadows or particles. If you want to make the game look better, pretty much do the opposite. To access the video settings, open the settings menu and choose Video.

Basic Video Settings

Starting with the ‘Basic’ tab, we have your resolution. Set this to your monitors resolution, which in most cases is 1920×1080. If you’re suffering from some severe cases of lag, you can go ahead and bring the resolution down a little. Maybe to 1280×720.

I also recommend that you play in Full-screen mode, and not windowed. This will help you run the game a bit faster. Using the quality drop-down, you can choose a preset here, with one of the lower ones being recommended.

battletech basic settings

Advanced Video Settings

Towards the top of the screen in BATTLETECH, there is an advanced tab. Here, you have more control over each setting including Shadow Quality, Terrain Quality, Texture Quality etc.

If they aren’t already, I recommend you set these settings to low. Whilst ensuring the other options are set to ‘Disabled’. That’s most of the options you can change in BATTLETECH. Other steps you can take are closing any programs and services running in the background. Clean out your PC, and possibly even upgrade.

battletech advanced settings



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