Beat Saber Mods Allow Working Custom Songs


GamingBeat Saber Mods Allow Working Custom Songs

Beat Saber is one of my personal favorite VR Games right now. It just feels polished and ridiculously fun to play. Swinging your Lightsabers at blocks hurtling towards you to the beat of a song feels pretty awesome to say the least.

The only downside to Beat Sabers initial release would be it’s limit of 10 tracks to choose from. Much of the community was able to get the hang of the game and beat them quickly, further proving that the game is going to heavily rely on community made maps in the future.

Before it’s release, developers did actually announce on Twitter that they intended to release a map maker in the future. It will work in a similar sense to Osu, where players can create their own ‘beatmaps’ and share them with the community, using ready-made music.

With no release date set for the official tools, the community has taken it into their own hands to create some custom maps. Reddit user Diizane initially showcased the mod tools on the Oculus & Vive subreddits.

Custom maps are in

Since then, even though it’s only been 2-3 days, we are already seeing many custom maps coming out, and they look amazing. Inside the Discord Community are over 1500 people already. It’s here that you will find installation instructions and downloads for some of the custom maps and music.

Right now, it seems most of the maps currently have an Expert version only. It seems the release of modded songs has influenced the developers decision to release the official map maker early. More news is said to be coming Friday 11th May 2018. Meanwhile, enjoy some previews of custom maps below!

Phillip Anderson
Phillip Anderson
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