Best Fallout 4 Armor Mods on Xbox One in 2019


In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the Best Armor Mods available for Fallout 4 on the Xbox One. These are some of the most popular mods downloaded in 2019, not all necessarily released this year.

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NCR Veteran Ranger Armor

This mod adds a set of NCR Veteran Ranger Armor into the Fallout 4 Wasteland. Once this mod is installed, the armor set can be found at two different locations. The first being inside the safe at Kellogs House in Diamond City, the second being inside the Lonely Chapel. Whilst the Riot Gear can be found in the Commonwealth Bank.

Holstered Weapons

Holstered Weapons

Adds Holstered Weapons for your character in Fallout 4. Now you can carry your weapons in style, either on your back or on your hip. Each holstered item will provide a small armor bonus, whilst the backpack gives +50 carry weight which is very useful. You can craft the items yourself, or buy them from a vendor.

Batman Beyond

batman armor

Adds the Batman Beyond armor, Deathstroke’s mask, the Arkham Knight’s armor, Red Hood’s helmet and Batgirl’s suit. Once installed, each of these items can be crafted at the Chemistry Station in Fallout 4. Safe to say that whilst not very immersive, it’s one of the coolest looking outfits to come out of the modding scene.

West Tek Tactical Optics

west tek optics

Finally ported from PC is West Tek Tactical Optics. This mod adds craftable Night Vision, Thermal, and Targeting HUD goggles and eyepieces to Fallout 4, which can be equipped on both your character and even Dogmeat. There are a lot of different variations available when it comes to the appearance of them.

Militarized Minutemen

Militarized minutemen

Militarized Minutemen adds over a dozen military themed armor items to Fallout 4. Whilst it is themed around the minutemen, you can use them to base yourself around any faction. You can choose to install the leveled list version, where items will be distributed to different classes. Otherwise, check the trunk at the Castle to get started.

CROSS Strigidae


Adds the Strigidae suit to Fallout 4, which contains 4 different parts. These are the Suit, Armguards, Visor and Overcoat. With each piece having its own unique customization. To use this outfit, you will need to use the Holotape, then it will have a 50% chance of appearing on Coursers in game where it can be dropped. Whilst it can also be found in the institute.

The Mercenary Pack

The Mercenary Pack

The Mercenary Pack adds a lot of new custom outfits to the game world. It contains all of the authors previous work, including the B-90, Rebel and SNCR. However this pack includes a new gunner overhaul and Wastelander outfits.

Project Helljumper

Adds 3 new sets of Armor to the Commonwealth. These are the Halo 3/Halo ODST Styled Armor and the Halo Combat Evolved Marine Style Armor. Whilst the pieces also have a lot of customization options, being able to choose between different skins and visor colors. Helmets can also make use of different attachment pieces.

Eli’s Armor Compendium

eli's armor compendium

Eli’s Armor Compendium adds 50 unisex armor sets, 20 accessories and ‘infinite’ amounts of color customization options. Instead of being all based around your character, a lot are outfits that will work well for Raiders, Settlers and Synths. It’s by far one of the largest and most diverse armor mod packs available for Fallout 4.

CROSS Mojave Manhunter


Finally, we have the Mojava Manhunter Armor which is part of the CROSS collection. The outfit is split into 6 different parts which are Underarmor, Gloves, Vest, Duster, Hat and Mask. Each part can be modified with vanilla mods, whilst there are also custom paint jobs available. The armor set can be crafted at a chemistry station, or found in the Forgotten Church in the Glowing Sea.

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