Best Fallout 4 Character & Beauty Mods in 2019


GamingBest Fallout 4 Character & Beauty Mods in 2019

The default characters in Fallout 4 can look a little dull. Not only dull, but massively outdated. Some animations look unrealistic (looking at you lip syncing), skin and facial features look unrealistic and there just aren’t many options to make your character look unique.

Thanks to the modding community, there are hundreds of mods available for characters and beautification. Mods which allow you to completely customize every feature available.  In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the best character and beautification mods available for PC.

All the buttons below link back to Nexus Mods where they can be downloaded, whilst the list below is also in no particular order. If you want to check out some more Fallout 4 mod lists, you can view our dedicated area here!

Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar

Our first mod for Characters & Beautification in Fallout 4 is Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar. What it does is adds 32 new standalone hairstyles to the female character in the game. Whilst they where specifically designed for the female character, they do work with males. This is the most popular hair mod available with it being beautifully meshed and textures while also featuring realistic physics. 

Real HD Face Textures

What this mod does is installs a re-texture for the skin in Fallout 4 for both male and female characters. It aims to make the skin more realistic by upping the resolution of the diffuse, specular and normal maps so they are up to 2k resolution. 

Appealing Moles

A small mod which can make huge changes to your character is Appealing Moles. It changes the existing facial moles in the game to ones which are nicer looking. There are multiple options, with two of them being to add a single mode to the upper side of each cheek. Whilst there are also assortments of moles spread throughout the face. 

Zella’s Hair Dye Collection

Want to make your Fallout 4 characters look more vibrant? Well this mod replaces some of the default hair colors in the game to be much more colorful. The developer states that there are dozens of new colors to choose from, with each one having two variants. 

Distinctive Teeth

The teeth in Fallout 4 have never looked great or realistic. In my opinion, they give the characters an uncanny valley look. Installing this mod replaces the teeth in Fallout so that they look stronger by accentuating the front and corner teeth, whilst also adding a shine to them by replacing the texture. 

The Eyes of Beauty

This mod is definitely a must have when it comes to beautification in Fallout 4. It changes the eye textures in Fallout by increasing the resolution massively, changing the colors so they are more vivid for both genders. 

Long Eyelashes

After installing this mod, the female eyelashes will be replaced in Fallout 4 so that they look thicker and longer. It’s a small change, but one that you can really notice. If you decide to install this mod, you should also install Eyes of Beauty above to get the full effect and make the eyes of your character really stand out. 

Female Neck Tweaks

This mod makes small improvements to the neck shape of female characters in Fallout 4. It aims to make the neck look more realistic by making it wider near the bottom and middle, whilst being thinner where the neck meets the jaw. However the effect is mostly noticeable if you are using a thinner character.


THBrows adds 56 new styles of eyebrows, all hand painted to look natural and realistic. These brows are for the female character only. However the developer states that it might not be compatible with any other mods that change the Human Race Form ID. 

Immersive Mouth and Teeth

Even though we’ve already added a teeth mod to this list, we thought we’d add another popular choice. Immersive Mouth and Teeth re-texture the teeth in the game, allowing you to choose between 4 different resolutions up to 4K. The mod also comes with ‘No More Glowing Mouths’ mod integrated. 

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