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Fallout 4Fallout 4 ModsBest Fallout 4 Clothing Mods for Xbox One

Clothing items can completely change the appearance of Fallout 4, especially those added to leveled lists (see below). Random NPC’s such as settlers and enemies like Raiders can spawn with these items, making them look more unique, and even harder to defeat if the stats are higher.

When you install a new clothing or armor mod in Fallout 4, a lot of them will be added to ‘Leveled lists’. This means that as you reach a certain level, the modded items will begin appearing in-game, mostly on NPC’s. If an armor shows up at Level 30, then enemies you face such as raiders might start wearing these new items, where you can then loot them after killing them.

However most developers also include their clothing sets inside of crafting stations, usually the Chemistry Lab (one can be found in Sanctuary, or you can make one yourself in the building menu). With the right materials and perks, you’ll be able to craft these sets. 

Otherwise, it’s likely that they’ll just appear in-game. The Chinese Stealth Suit can be found in the submarine only for example, and some items in this list also spawn naturally in the world where they’ll need to be found.

All the links below link back to where you can download them on your Xbox One. If you want to read more articles like this, make sure to check out our complete list of Fallout 4 Mods for Xbox One!

Holstered Weapons

Just like it sounds, Holstered Weapons allows you to holster weapons on your characters body. Whilst not necessarily a clothing mod, it still changes their appearance, and quite dramatically too. You can holster pistols to your side, rifles to your back or even a modular backpack where you can choose the weapons to holster.

Batman Beyond

This mod adds the Batman Beyond armor, the Arkham Knight armor and Batgirl’s Suit, so there’s something for both male and female characters. Whilst not necessarily clothes, they do look incredibly awesome. You can craft both of these outfits at a Chemistry Station, found under ‘Wayne Tech’ and ‘Arkham Tech’.

Militarized Minutemen

Militarized Minutemen adds over a dozen modular themed military items to Fallout 4. There is an outfit-only version, as well as a levelled list version where the set will begin to appear on NPCs in game, overhauling the Minutemen faction. 

West-Tek Tactical Optics

This mod adds functional goggles and eye pieces to the game, which feature thermal imaging, night vision and a targeting HUD. They feature high definition meshes and textures, and work in a realistic & immersive way. It’s a great addition to any survival play-through in particular.

CROSS Strigidae

Another amazing looking suit is the CROSS Courser Strigidae. It’s made of 4 unique parts, with the helmet being the main feature. It emits a light, which will cross over the front visor on a loop, looking incredible from a third person perspective. As you can tell by the screenshot, the modelling and texturing is immaculate. You can craft this armor in-game, it won’t show up on levelled lists by default.

Eli’s Armor Compendium

This mod is huge, and is where the ‘clothing’ part comes in. Eli’s Armor Compendium adds 50 unisex armors, 20 accessories and an infinite amount of color mods. Most of them are standard clothes, and work well for settlers instead of acting as heavy armor. There is a new store in-game where you can buy the armor sets, or craft them yourself. Most of the wastelander outfits will also show up on NPC’s. 

The Mercenary Pack

The Mercenary Pack adds a few new items to Fallout 4. They blend into the game world well, and feature multiple designs which resolve around the gunners. All the outfits are added to level lists so they will be worn by NPCs, but they can also be bought from vendors too.

Mojave Manhunter

Another outfit from the CROSS collection is the Mojave Manhunter, an outfit which looks like it was pulled right out of New Vegas. The outfit has 6 separate parts, with each one being upgrade-able defence wise, as well as the ability to change the skin of them. This outfit isn’t added to level lists, instead it can be found in the Glowing Sea or crafted at a Chemistry Lab.

Special Forces Officer

This next Fallout 4 Clothing mod adds some survival gear to the Commonwealth. It was ported over from PC, and includes gear such as helmets, armor, vests, mask and more. All of the items can be crafted under a Chemistry Workstation, only costing cloth.


Our final clothing mod is the CROSS IEX Suit. IEX stands for ‘Institute Expeditionary Suit’, and is a great looking outfit to complete your character. It’s obviously an institute styled suit, and can be first be found in Fort Hagen. The best thing about this mod though is the helmet, which is where the light will radiate from around the edges. You have full control over the colors of the suit and light by modifying them at an armor workbench.

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