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In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the best Graphic Mods for Fallout 4 on the Xbox One in 2019. These are mods that change the game world, maybe by changing textures, meshes or effects. Luckily, the Xbox One has quite a few options available.

All the links below link back to where you can download them on your Xbox One. If you want to read more articles like this, make sure to check out our complete list of Fallout 4 Mods for Xbox One!

Green in the Commonwealth

green in the commonwealth

This is one of my favorite mods, especially when playing on PC. Instead of the Commonwealth looking brown and dead, plants will be flourishing everywhere making it look more alive and habitable. You have to question the realism of course, but it’s a great mod that changes the overall look of the game. You could say Bethesda believe this too, as in Fallout 76, we saw that the world was more alive filled with trees and bushes.

Better Graphics & Weather

better graphics and weather

Better Graphics and Weather gives some graphical improvements to Fallout 4 on Xbox One, mainly by changing the weather and lighting systems. The developer hasn’t provided much information about the mod, except that it will conflict with other mods of the same type that you use. However we can assume that it acts similar to an ENB, with it adjusting how strong lighting is in-game. As well as making weather feel more realistic and intense. 

Vivid Fallout – All in One

vivid fallout

Vivid Fallout is a combination of graphic mods that changes the textures of the landscape in Fallout 4. It changes things such as dirt, rocks, grass, trees, bridges, vehicles and much more. This one though is a combination of all the Vivid mods. It’s one of the best graphics mod available, making a huge improvement to the appearance of the game. If you just want to change certain parts of the game, you can download the Vivid mods individually.

Healthier Commonwealth

healthier commonwealth

Another nature mod is Healthier Commonwealth. It’s similar to Green in the Commonwealth above, in the sense that it adds new grass, bushes, flowers and trees to the game making it feel and look more alive. You’ll have to evaluate both this mod and Green in the Commonwealth to decide which one you prefer, although there isn’t much difference between them. However you shouldn’t use both together.

Winter Overhaul

winter in the commonwealth

Now this graphic mod is quite unique. It’s a Winter Overhaul, which makes the game world snowy. It completely changing the appearance of locations to forests and lakes to cities. The developer states that this mod is still in development, with a heavier version coming soon. Some other mods are recommended to be installed, such as ones that give snowy weather and effect the lighting. It’s recommended not to install any other nature mods alongside this one.

Realistic Roads – Black Asphalt

realistic roads

This mod changes the graphics of roads in Fallout 4 on Xbox One. Now, they will have black asphalt, giving them a more realistic appearance than the bland grey roads currently in the vanilla game. They’ll also have yellow stripes going down the centre, separating the lane.s There is a chance that this mod may clash with the Vivid Fallout all in one mod, if it replaces the road textures. Place it at the bottom of your load order for this to be the priority.

WET – Water Enhancement Textures

water enhancement textures

WET is an abbreviation for Water Enhanced Textures. What it does is completely overhauls water in Fallout 4, changing it’s appearance and animations. It gives new water surface textures, new splash and foam effects. WET also adds new rain effects to the game. It’s a small change in the grand scheme of things, but definitely noticeable. I use WET in my own play-through, and I can notice a huge difference when it comes to waters appearance. 

Natural & Atmospheric Commonwealth

natural atmospheric commonwealth

Natural & Atmospheric Commonwealth, also known as NAC is an all in one weather, lighting and visual mod. NAC attempts to completely overhaul the appearance of Fallout 4, making it look more realistic. It does this by changing a lot of things in the game such as weather systems, lighting, NPC appearance, post processing, darker nights and much more. If you want a simple way to overhaul the game, this is possibly the mod for you.

Calamity Weathers

calamity weathers

Our next graphics mod is Calamity Weathers, which is another weather mod. However this one aims to make the game feel more dark and gritty, instead of colorful and vibrant. The developer says the aim of the mod is to replicate the atmosphere that you get from the Metro games. Featured in this mod is a complete graphical overhaul, additional weathers, darker nights and harsher radiation storms. There are also a few recommended mods included to further enhance the look of the game alongside this mod.

CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul

CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul

This is the final graphics mod in this list. Instead of changing the appearance of the game world, CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul changes how a lot of particles look in combat. The mod overrides the default Fire, Laser, AlienLaser, and Plasma critical effects. Instead of leaving behind an ash pile, characters will die from those elements, leaving behind a charred body for instance.

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