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One thing that the Fallout games lack is an efficient way to travel round the map. Of course, you can use the fast travel system, but this breaks immersion and feels unnatural. You’d expect most vehicles to stop working after the atomic war, so it makes sense that they aren’t in the game.

Luckily though, modders got to work on adding their own vehicles and ways to travel around the map. Some don’t work great, as the engine and terrain isn’t designed to support vehicles.

Driveable Motorcycle

fallout 4 motor bike

The Driveable Motorcycle mod for Fallout 4 does exactly what you’d expect. It adds a motorcycle which can be found just behind the Museum of Freedom. Once found, you will be able to travel around the wasteland by vehicle! Whilst it’s not the most smooth experience, it’s enjoyable and unique. Not many other mods allow you to drive actual vehicles on terrain.

Durable Vertiberds

personal vertiberd

The Durable Vertiberds for simply increases the health of both the pilot and vehicle in Fallout 4. That way, they can take much more damage before falling out of the sky! Whilst it doesn’t add any new vehicles, it’s more a quality of life mod, and makes the game slightly more enjoyable. There are a few options during installation where you can choose just how durable you want them to be.

Craftable Vertiberd

craftable vertiberd

When installing Craftable Vertiberds, you are able to create your own personal Vertiberd at a settlement workshop. It’s a great way to travel throughout the wasteland without losing immersion, allowing you to travel to most points on the map. This mod is a must have, especially if you are playing in the games survival mode where fast travel might be disabled all together.

APC Home

The APC Home mod adds a mobile home to the game, allowing you to travel between 8 locations. With the APC comes a custom interior, where you can save your game, store materials, sleep and even choose where you want to travel too from the map. If you’re all about immersion, you’re in luck as the APC will require fuel to travel, meaning it comes with a bit of a challenge.

Car Bot

car bot

Now the Car Bot mod is pretty advanced. It has multiple vehicle designs which allow you to switch between multiple camera views and even shoot whilst driving. The great thing about this vehicle mod is that instead of sitting on the terrain, it floats above it making it much more enjoyable. Instead of getting caught on every little hill and bump, it slightly glides over it.

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