Best Fallout 4 Player Home Mods in 2019


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In Fallout 4, there are a lot of player homes for you to choose from. Too many perhaps, with most cities and towns offering one. Although one of the biggest problems has to be decorating them to be something that feels homely without being immersion breaking.

A lot of mods exist that add new player homes which are pre-designed and full of clutter. We’re going to go through some of them below, listing some of the best player homes available for Fallout 4. 

All the mods below link back to Nexus Mods where they can be downloaded for PC, whilst the list is in no particular order. If you want to check out some more mods for Fallout 4, you can view our dedicated area here!

Rockin’ Red Rocket

Rockin’ Red Rocket replaces the Red Rocket settlement which is found near Sanctuary. It will place this new player home in an interior cell, meaning you have to go through a door to access it. You will lose access to the exterior building of Red Rocket. I use this mod in my own play-through, I love it. It offers a lot of storage in different areas of the home in an immersive way. There is no workbench inside the player home.

The Castle

If you’re role-playing as a member of the Minutemen, then you might want to install this new player home ‘Generals Quarters’ for The Castle Settlement. It’s another interior cell so you have to go through a door to get inside. It’s a relatively small home, but it offers everything you need to have a permanent base at The Castle. 

Sanctuary Bunker

This is another mod that I have used in my play-through. It adds a bunker found behind the players home in Sanctuary. Once inside, you’ll have a small space consisting of workstations, a bed, immersive storage solutions, a terminal and more. There is also a ‘Nate’s Stash’ which contains some cheat objects to help you progress through the game, mirror to change appearance and more.

Cyber-Light Apartments

Installing this mod will provide you with two brand new apartments which can be found in the same building, each one costing 6000 caps. They’re located in an idealistic location, not far from D.B. Technical High School. It features objects such as a Power Armor station, working light switches, animated lamps and even a day and night cycle which provides some immersion.

Basement Living

A lot of the mods in this list will change existing player homes so they are pre-designed. Basement Living does the opposite. What it allows you to do is place down a door in any settlement which will lead to a basement of your choice. Inside these basements are workshops, allowing you to create your own basement player home at any settlement you want! 

Marlborough Mansion

Another completely new player home in downtown Boston is the Marlborough Mansion, specifically found at Hallucigen Inc (there will be a map marker). There is a workshop, but it is very limited to what it can do. Whilst there’s also mannequins and weapon racks, a mirror for changing appearance and a terminal for loading up holotapes. 


Dauntless is a pretty unique player home, mainly because it’s a submarine. It offers crafting benches, armor racks, workstations, power armor storage and a surgery chair for changing appearance. However, the best thing about this mod is that the submarine can travel to multiple locations around the map, allowing you to travel realistically without breaking immersion.

Goodneighbor Condo

If you want to live in Goodneighbor, then this is the mod for you. It sets you up with a fully furnished condo featuring workbenches, storage such as bobble-head shelves, display racks, a Mr Purifier and much more. It’s located just opposite the Third Rail entrance.

Aloot’s Home Plate

Another one of my favorite player homes has to be Aloot’s Home Plate. The main reason being that it throws you right into the middle of Diamond City in a huge 3 story home. It’s a great place to store your favourite companions, craft and store items as well as make the home to your liking as there is a fully functioning workbench. I definitely recommend installing this one!

The Top Floor Loft

Finally, we have the Top Floor Loft. It adds a player home to the top floor of one of the highest skyscrapers in the game, giving you a full view of the entire Commonwealth. There are workstations, storage containers and even a Jacuzzi all ready to be used.

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