Best Fallout 4 Settlement & Building Mods in 2019


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Compared to previous Fallout games, Fallout 4 offered something completely new. That was Settlements. The option to build a settlement where settlers can live and work, as well as create your own player home where you can decorate and store items.

Whilst it was pretty fleshed out and worked well in the vanilla game, mods have only made it so much better. There are mods that will remove any limits, add new building objects, increase settlement sizes and much more.

Below, we’ve put together a list of some of the best mods available for Settlements and Building on PC. All the buttons below link back to Nexus Mods, with the list being in no particular order. If you want to check out some more Fallout 4 best of lists, you can view our area here!

1. All Settlements Extended

Simply put, this mod increases the size of all vanilla settlements in Fallout 4, allowing you to build in a much larger area. You can also scrap items outside of the original build area and increase the NPC Sandbox. The only settlement this mod isn’t compatible with is Home Plate. If you use Sim Settlements, this mod is highly recommended. 

2. Snap’n Build 2.0

Snap’n Build is a mod which allows you to create new structures and buildings in your settlements which fit together seamlessly. There are different item themes available such as Real Estate, Capsules, Bunkers, Industrial Bridges, Vanilla Wooden and Greenhouse. If you’re wanting to create new stores and houses for your settlers, this mod is a great option.

3. Homemaker – Expanded Settlements

Homemaker Expanded Settlements is a furniture and structures mod. It adds 1000 new craftable items which can be used in settlements, consisting of pre-war and post-war furniture. While there are also different themes of items such as cars, institute items, planters and much more. For decorating a settlement, this mod is a must have.

4. Place Everywhere

By far, one of the most infuriating things about building settlements is Fallout 4 is object placement. Sometimes when trying to place an item, it will go red and the game won’t allow you to place it. What this mod does is changes that, so you can place any block anywhere you want, even if they’re intersecting. Again, I would say this is a must have for decorating. 

5. Better Settlers

This mod isn’t focused on building or settlements, but its inhabitants, the settlers. Better Settlers adds 240 new settlers and residents to Fallout 4. There are a lot of customization options available such as equipment, mortality, gender ratios etc. Installing this mod will also have the chance for raiders to become settlers, whilst there’s also mod support for things such as hairstyles.

6. Scrap Everything

As you’d expect, Scrap Everything allows you to scrap items in Fallout 4 Settlements that you normally wouldn’t be able to. For example, you can now scrap houses, rubble, rocks, trees, roads, sidewalks and anything else you can think of. If you want to make a settlement that’s in-depth and to your own design, you’re going to want to install this mod. 

7. Settlements Expanded

Settlements Expanded is very different to Settlements Extended, which we talked about earlier on in this list. Instead of increasing the settlements size, it increases the settlements build limit. When placing down furniture and other items in settlements, you will slowly get closer to the maximum item limit. Installing this mod removes that limit, allowing you to place as many items as you want. However there is no guarantee that your game wont start lagging when you place too many items.

8. Basement Living

Basement Living is a mod which adds 10 news Basements/Bunkers to Fallout 4 which you can enter from any settlement. With the 10 different designs available, you can head inside and interact with a workbench to begin creating your own basement house. It works in a similar way to the Home Plate settlement in how you can decorate an interior home.

9. OCDecorator

Finally, we have OCDecorator. OCDecorator allows you to clutter your player home with small objects and loot items. Instead of dropping items from your inventory and trying to meticulously place them on a surface, it can now be done from the building menu, turning them into static objects which will never fall over or de-spawn. 

10. Settlement Supplies Expanded

Another furniture mod that aids settlement building is Settlement Supplies Expanded, also known as SSEX. It adds over 400 objects to the building menu which can be used in settlements, consisting of both pre-war and post-war furniture. There are different categories of items including furniture, snappable items, alternate power armor racks and more.

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