Best Fallout 4 Texture, Graphic & Visual Mods in 2019


GamingBest Fallout 4 Texture, Graphic & Visual Mods in 2019

Fallout 4’s appearance was a big step up from the previous game, Fallout New Vegas. While it wasn’t ground breaking graphics for 2015, they where good enough to enjoy the game and feel immersed.

However, thanks to mods, you can completely change the look of the game to however you want. Whether that’s bringing it back to life with flowers and trees or making it more horror-esque with darker skies and dead plants.

There are hundreds of different options available. One of the best ways to change the look of Fallout 4 is with an ENB, which completely changes the lighting, shadows and more. Although we won’t talk about that in this post.

Below, we’ve put together some of the best graphic, visual and texture mods available for Fallout 4 in 2019. All the buttons below link back to Nexus Mods where they can be downloaded for PC. For more Fallout 4 content, you can view our dedicated area here!

Darker Nights

It’s always recommended that you install Darker Nights for Fallout 4. As you’d expect, it allows you to change how dark the game is at night time, making it much more atmospheric, yet daunting to explore. You will need to start using your Pip-Boy flashlight when exploring and listening out for what lurks in the dark. 

Vivid Fallout – All in One

Vivid Fallout is a series of mods which replaces some of the in-games textures to be more detailed and a higher resolution. This mod combines all of them into one, so you don’t have to go downloading individual files. It replaces rocks, trees, roads, bridges, landscape and much more. 

Enhanced Color Correction

Fallout 4 – Enhanced Color Correction improves the quality and contrast of colors in the game. The developer states that this mod will make colors more vibrant and shadows more deeper, changing the look of the game without making any too drastic changes.

Water Enhanced

This mod will change the water textures in Fallout 4 so they look more realistic, while it will also increase the resolution with you being able to choose from 2K, 4K and 8K. You’ll likely want to use 2K resolution in most cases. The developer claims to have also removed the water foam with this mod, as it looked unrealistic. 

Visible Galaxy

If you’re someone who tends to roam the Fallout 4 Wasteland at night, you might want to give this mod a try. All it does is add a visible galaxy to the night sky in 4K resolution. It’s a beautiful mod which makes the game look just a little bit more interesting, and makes exploring at night feel more inviting. 

Illuminated Billboards

Another mod which will accompany you with Darker Nights and Visible Galaxy is Illuminated Billboards. All those signs you see in the Wasteland will now glow and stand out against the dark Commonwealth. Again, it’s a small change which can make a massive difference.

Fr4nsson’s Light Tweaks

This mod will tweak both interior and exterior lights in Fallout 4 to make them look a bit more realistic. It does this by removing the blown out lights in the game by default, as well as the bloom which surrounds the lights. It works well with Darker Nights which we’ve listed above.

Enhanced Lights & FX

Another lighting mod is Enhanced Lights & FX. It’s probable that it can work alongside Fr4nsson’s Light Tweaks above. What this mod does is makes the lighting more atmospheric and realistic and aims to create a new mood for interiors. It adds more god rays, shadows and day cycles so that interiors will appear darker at night time.

Pip Boy Shadows

By default, the Pip-Boy and Head Lamps in Fallout 4 won’t cast any shadows which feels very unrealistic and takes away from the immersion. This mod fixes that, adding the shadows to the Pip-Boy and Power Armor head light. Whilst there is the occasional glitch, it makes a massive difference to the look of the game, especially at night.


Remove Interior Fog

Interior Fog is prevalent in all of Bethesda’s games. This mod removes it, making the appearance of Fallout 4’s interiors look much cleaner, visible and realistic. However not everyone will like this mod, as the fog isn’t really a game changer.

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