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Your characters hair in Fallout 4 is the best way to define your character, choosing the type of survivor they are. Whether they will look innocent, scared, or ready to fight anyone who approaches. 

The hairstyles in the base game are great, but there isn’t much variation between them, especially when it comes to making them unique with different colors or styles. That’s why in this post, we’re going to show you some of the best Hair mods available for Fallout 4 on the Xbox One.

Once you’ve installed a hair mod, you’ll need to apply the new styles. The first time you will be able to choose a hairstyle is during character creation at the start of the game. After that, you will have a final opportunity when you leave the vault to change most aspects of your character such as name, perks and appearance.

Once you’ve left the vault, you might have to wait a while. The easiest, and fastest way to change your characters hair would be by heading to a barber. One can be found in Diamond City, specifically in the market area at a shop which looks like a barbers. For a small fee, you can come here and change your style whenever you want.

All the links below link back to where you can download them on your Xbox One. If you want to read more articles like this, make sure to check out our complete list of Fallout 4 Mods for Xbox One!

Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar is the most popular hair mod available for Fallout 4, with it boasting the most downloads. What it does is add 32 different hairstyles, specifically for female characters. They feature unique meshes, textures and even physics. As you’d expect, all of the hairstyles are centred around pony tails, so take this into consideration when downloading it.

KS Hairdos

What was originally just a PC mod is now available on the Xbox One! KS Hairdos was primarily a Skyrim mod, but also works with Fallout 4. It adds over 725 new styles for both male and female characters to the game. The developer also states that more are being added all the time. These styles also have realistic physics.

Commonwealth Cuts

These hairstyles are also ported from Skyrim’s KS Hairdos into Fallout 4. Commonwealth Cuts has over 200 immersive and realistic styles for your characters. This mod requires the Far Harbor DLC, and some of the styles will not work with hats (but some hat-specific styles are included). Male styles are also included inside Commonwealth Cuts.

Colored Highlights

Colored Highlights brings in 21 hairstyles from Commonwealth Cuts which we just mentioned. Instead of changing their texture/physics, it changes the colors allowing you to choose from a lot of different colors and variations. Unlocking the top 10 colors will require you to own Nuka World DLC.

Lots More Beards & Moustaches

Working well with the Male Hairstyles mod below, we have Lots More Beards & Moustaches which allow you to take the design of your male characters even further. Using vanilla assets, the developer was able to create over 100 new sets of facial hair which all look realistic. 

Lots More Male Hairstyles

Moving away from female styles, we now have some for your male characters in Fallout 4. ‘Male Hairstyles’ by Recluse includes around 150 new styles. It mainly does this by combining some existing styles to make new and completely unique ones. It’s all done using vanilla assets too, which is impressive on its own.

Lots More Female Hairstyles

Lots More Female Hairstyles is another Hair mod for Xbox One that adds over 100 new styles for female characters in Fallout 4. Most of these styles are hybrids or combinations, meaning they are made up by merging and changing existing vanilla styles. It’s done by the same develop as Lots More Male Hairstyles, which is shown above. Head to a barber in-game to choose a style, or pick during character creation.

ANiceOakTree’s Hairstyles

Next up is ANiceOakTree’s Hairstyles. There are 10 different styles to choose from, with all of them primarily being for female characters. However 3 of them are unisex, meaning they can be used on either male or females. The developer states that they spent over 150 hours designing these styles, so they’re all worth taking a look at! 

Zella’s Hair Dye Collection

Here is another hair mod for the Xbox One, this one focusing around hair colors though. It adds 10 new colors in total which won’t replace any existing ones, showing up in their own category. There is another version of this mod available which features an additional 10 colors. Installing this mod will have compatibility issues with the Busty mod.

Zella’s Pastel Ombre Wigs

Our final hair mod is Zella’s Pastel Ombre Wigs. It adds 43 multicolored unisex wigs which have Ombre coloring. All of these styles are taken from Commonwealth Cuts, which is featured above. Once installed, you can find the wigs in Diamond City, inside a metal box in-front of the barber shop. 

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