Best League of Legends Merchandise Available on Amazon


There are so many options available when it comes to League of Legends merchandise. This didn’t used to be the case, until Riot opened their own Official Store. It’s there that you can find clothing, figures, plush and more.

It seems since then, a lot of items related to LoL have vanished from the Amazon marketplace. Luckily, there are a few little gems here and there which are definitely great for any fan of the game.

All of the links below link back to the Amazon US store. If you want to see League of Legends merchandise available on Amazon UK, take a look here.

Some of the best merchandise on Amazon

  1. league of legends merchandise
    Poro Plush, available on Amazon

    Funko Mystery Minifigures – These mini figures represent 12 champions from League of Legends. Out of the 12, you will receive one at random.

  2. 10″ Poro Plush figure – One of Leagues most beloved creatures is the Poro, a cute ball of fluff. This item is a cuddly plush figure, which sits at 10 inches in height.
  3. Graves Figure – This statue stands 7 inches tall, and shows the character Graves as the Pool Party skin. It’s from New Brand, who have statues for other characters including Lee Sin.
  4. Extra Large Mouse Mat – Competitive games like League of Legends require a lot of mouse mat space to get in quick movements. This mouse pad is 27.5″ long and has the many faces of Leagues favourite champions.
  5. Funko Pop Figures – These officially licensed Pop Funko figures look great as a decoration on a desk. These figures are available for a few different champions, with this specific one being of Thresh.


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