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Armor in Skyrim has always been a difficult choice for new and advanced players alike. Heavy armor is usually perceived as superior in most games, usually giving the player more survivability at the cost of speed.

For many hack and slash titles, having heavy armor may be your best bet at survival, but in Skyrim, the difference between light and heavy armor is mainly based on personal preference.

For instance, light armor weighs less allowing the player to sneak more quietly. Below, you can see a list of some of the best light armor sets available in Skyrim. We’ve covered some more Skyrim Best-of Lists which you’re free to check out!

Deathbrand Armor

Being one of the most expensive sets in the game, the value of the Deathbrand Armor is nothing to scoff at. This unique set of Stalhrim light armor can be obtained by completing the Deathbrand quest. Only then will you be able to experience the benefits of this armor set.

Deathbrand Armor Set

The Deathbrand Armor set weighs 13 and has a base armor of 78.5. With a full set of armor, your armor increases to a rating of 100. Players also receive stamina, carrying capacity, damage boosts, and the ability to breathe underwater. With its many benefits, the Deathbrand Armor stands as some of the best in the game.

Nightingale Armor

Stemming from the Nightingales, the Nightingale Armor. The Nightingale set is a stealthy type of armor. With a weight of 18 and base armor of 69, it certainly isn’t as prominent as the Deathbrand Armor but is still a great piece of armor in its own right.

Nightingale Armor Set

While the armor and weight certainly don’t compare to the Deathbrand armor, the Nightingale Armor comes with benefits in stamina, frost resistance, muffled movement, lock picking, damage boosts, and benefits to illusion spell costs. The Nightingale Armor is mainly for those that are more stealthy, as stealth armor, it stands as one of the best light armor sets in Skyrim.

Ancient Shrouded Armor

The Ancient Shrouded Armor is some of the lightest in the game with a weight of 7.5 and base armor of 72. To receive the Ancient Shrouded Armor, one must complete the Dark Brotherhood side quest. Although it is very light, it is not the only benefit of the armor. The armor comes with a plethora of enchantment opportunities.

Ancient Shrouded Armor Set

Players receive poison resistance, muffled movements, bow damage increases, and sneak attack damage increases with one-handed weapons. It is a great option for those who want to quickly disable their enemies or players who prefer attacking at a range. It is light, agile, and the resistance to poison is extremely helpful.

Whether you prefer light or heavy armor, armor with many benefits, or maybe the lightest. Choosing the best armor to suit your needs will enable you to reach the upper echelons of your potential as a player and as a class. Hopefully, with these three armor sets, you will have some idea of your next light armor purchase.

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