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Bamboo Forests, also known as Bamboo Jungles are one of Minecrafts newer Biomes. It usually generates alongside or within a normal Jungle, and consists of very large Bamboo sticks.

This biome is one of the only locations where you can find Pandas in Minecraft. They are a passive mob, and can’t be tamed by the player. However, they can enter love mode to begin breeding with eachother. Panda’s will typically eat Bamboo, roll around and just keep to themselves.

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5: Bamboo Jungle

Seed: -5072018317312275657 (315, 105)
You will find that this Bamboo Forest isn’t too far from spawn. It’s located in a dense Jungle Biome. You can see that the Bamboo Forest goes on for quite a distance, and inside, you will find a few Pandas. There isn’t much else around this area unfortunately. 

4: Spawn in Bamboo

Seed: -812376615236786930
No coordinates are needed for this seed. As soon as you spawn, turn around and you should spot the Bamboo Forest straight away. If you want to explore a Bamboo Forest and look at Pandas straight away, this is the Minecraft seed to use. I looked around briefly and spotted not much else in the surrounding area.

3: Shipwrecked

Seed: -133247226231855407 (-250, 175)
The first seed will spawn you in a dense Jungle Biome. You don’t have to do much walking to find these large Bamboo forests, which are spread among large and small islands. Head to the coordinates above which aren’t far from the spawn, and you’ll spot some Pandas walking around as well as a Shipwreck which contains some chests full of loot.

2: Ice Spikes

Seed: 2566444540‬ (-230, 70)
Use this seed, and you will spawn in a Village which is always a great starting point. You’ll have access to shelter, villagers, trading, food and defences. Not far from this village is the location above, which shows a Bamboo Forest and an Ice Spikes Biome right next to eachother, creating a sharp contrast between the two.

1: Jungle Temple

Seed: 387495163562609871 (95, -365)
After entering this seed, you will spawn on a very small island. There aren’t Bamboo Forests here. Instead, you’ll need to head North and cross the ocean for around 400 blocks. You’ll come across dense Jungles and Bamboo Forests. Inside, you can find a Jungle Temple which contains loot, with a Village not too far away. Head to the coordinates above for this location.

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