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In this list, we’re going to take a look at some of the best cartoon styled resource packs currently available for Minecraft. In my opinion, these types of packs typically fit the games style perfectly.

Cartoon Texture & Resource packs in Minecraft have to be some of the most loved and sought after ones. With Minecraft already being a simple looking game, these types of texture packs work perfectly, and never look out of place. You can also download higher resolution packs and not worry about everything looking too ‘gritty’. 

All of the images for these texture & resource packs where taken on my own Minecraft world where I currently have a survival play-through going on. Doing it this way means you can compare screenshots for each pack and make your own decision. 

minecraft without a resource pack for comparison
Vanilla Minecraft with Shaders

Here is what the Minecraft world looks like with the default texture pack, so you can compare. I’m also using a shader pack, which dramatically changes the lighting, water and shadows in Minecraft. I highly recommend one if your PC is capable of running one.

Here at PwrDown, we’ve covered a lot more Minecraft content, including Resource Packs which you’re welcome to take a look at. All the buttons below link back to PlanetMinecraft where the texture packs can be downloaded and installed.

1: Rodrigo’s Pack

Rodrigo’s Pack takes the cartoon theme to a whole new level. As you can tell, this pack is extremely minimalist, and would probably go great in any minigame type worlds. You’d feel like you’ve stepped right into a Nintendo World. I love this pack, but I’m not sure I’d personally use it in a standard survival play-through. The grid pattern that cover the floor blocks is also a nice touch, and consistent throughout the texture pack.

2: LokiCraft

LokiCraft is another cartoon pack which tends to incorporate a bit more detail into the textures. For example, the grain going down the logs, or the roughness on the top of the grass. It’s very simplistic, and would go well in any styled Minecraft world you’re wanting to create. There are animated blocks showcased on the texture packs page, and they all look great.

3: Chroma Hills

Chroma Hills is described as an ‘RPG Pack with a cartoon twist’, and that’s exactly what it is. The textures are left looking simple, with a soft color palette. Sometimes though, you’ll see lots of detail show up, such as the grain on the wooden planks, or strands of grass on the dirt blocks. If you’re trying to create your own RPG world, or even just survival, this pack would be great.

4: Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance is another RPG themed texture pack for Minecraft, and it looks great. Instead of using some realistic looking textures like Chrome Hills, this one sticks to a purely cartoon appearance using soft colors. Although it looks like the dirt path doesn’t have a texture on the image above, everything else looks great. It’s perfect for a world full of quests and stories.

5: Sphax PureBDCraft

This list was obviously going to contain Sphax PureBDCraft at the top, it’s my all time favorite and I use it in every world I create. It uses a completely consistent design, with all of the blocks having a soft appearance, often using a lot of polygonal shapes. Sphax also offers great mod support, 3D textures and much more. I always recommend this pack to anyone wanting a cartoon styled Minecraft world.

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