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Desert Temples, also known as Desert Pyramids are naturally occurring structures in Minecraft. They only spawn in Desert Biomes, and are quite common to find. In this list, we’re going to show some seeds which will spawn you right next to them.

When you enter a Pyramid, you will need to dig a hole in the center (on the blue block) in order to access the main chamber. However, don’t dig down as you will fall to your death. At the bottom of this chamber is a pressure plate, stand on this and the entire room, as well as the loot will explode.

Therefor, it’s recommended that you dig around the outside of the chamber, creating a staircase as you go down. You can remove the pressure plate with a Picaxe, it won’t activate. Collect loot from the four chests, and also dig up the floor to collect all of the TNT.

The loot that you will typically find in Minecrafts Desert Temples are Bones, Gunpowder, String, Enchanted Books, Saddles, Ingots, Emeralds and Diamonds. Below, we’ve put together some unique seeds for Desert Pyramids and Temples in Minecraft.

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5: Pyramid Outpost

Seed: 456862464780572133 (-140, 300)
Our first seed will spawn you relatively close to a Desert Pyramid. This one is very dangerous to explore though as you have more to worry about than just TNT Traps. As you can see, there is a Pillager Outpost actually growing from the Pyramid, so the entire thing is swarming with Illagers who you will have to kill before you can get inside.

4: River Temple

Seed: 7528983853924970439 (-450, -250)
There isn’t much around this Temple except the river. However it is close to the spawn, at only a couple of hundred blocks away. Due to it being on the edge of the desert, there are plains and forests nearby where you can set-up a base after looting the Pyramid.

3: Pyramid on the River

Seed: -1831741258276115094 (-515, -150)
Here’s another Desert Temple that isn’t too far from the spawn point. Again, it borders a river with a Savannah area nearby, meaning you have a great place to set up base, gather wood and look for villages.

2: Village Pyramid

Seed: 79942115385233205 (1300, 560)
Using this seed will give you another Desert Temple that has buildings growing out of it. This one though is village buildings, and one of them actually gives it a unique looking entrance. Only problem with this seed is that this location is actually a few hundred blocks away and not near the spawn.

1: Large Village

Seed: -719325015 (130, 95)
Finally, we have another Minecraft Seed which has a Desert Pyramid inside of a Village. However with this one, the Pyramid is separate and doesn’t have buildings inside of it. This area isn’t too far from spawn, but you will have to do a little bit of running. This seed is great for expanding the village, or setting up your own base here.

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