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Icebergs are natural spawning structures that where added with the Minecraft 1.13 Update. You won’t come across them too often, which is why we’re going to show you some Seeds to spawn near them.

With the 1.13 update, Icebergs will now spawn in Frozen Ocean Biomes, usually partially submerged in water. These Icebergs consist of 3 different materials, Ice, Packed Ice and Blue Ice.

These Biomes don’t offer a lot to explore, however they are very cool to see as the sizes and shapes of the Icebergs can vary massively. In an Iceberg Biome, there is a chance for Polar Bears and Strays to spawn.

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5: Iceberg Shipwreck

Seed: 1045298416328037846
When you use this seed, you will spawn on a small island next to lots of Icebergs. Chop down some nearby trees and craft a boat so that you can go exploring. Near the spawn point, you will find a submerged Shipwreck which feels like it could have hit one of the Icebergs. Search it to find some chests and obtain some starter loot.

4: Survival Island

Seed: 109742003
Want to play a Minecraft Survival Island styled world? Then choose this seed. You’ll spawn on a decently sized island made up of sand and dirt, with both Oak and Birch trees ready to be harvested. There is a huge ravine cutting through the middle of the island which can be searched for minerals, enemies and other structures such as Mine-shafts. The entire island is encased with Icebergs, which you’ll be able to see at all times.

3: Iceberg Village

Seed: 2217074882967442941
If you use this Minecraft seed, you’ll spawn in the middle of a Plains Village, a pretty big one too. This Village makes a good starting point and spawn, as you’ll be able to trade with villagers, have access to food and a place to sleep without having to look for a bed. From the Island, you’ll be able to see some huge Icebergs which seem to go on forever. You should note that this island is quite small, and mostly taken up by the Village.

2: Jungle Temple

Seed: -39232282290371388 (160, 280)
You won’t spawn at this seed, you’ll need to walk a few hundred blocks, it’s not too far. But the exact seeds above will take you to this point, where you can see a small island which is mostly made up of a Jungle Biome. On the edge of the Island is a Temple which can be explored for loot. One half of the island is surrounded by Icebergs, which can also be explored by boat.

1: The Badlands

Seed: -6183068961479409378
This final seed will spawn you on the edge of the Badlands Biome, which was previously known as The Mesa. It’s a hot biome made up mostly of sand and terracotta, and is one of Minecrafts rarest Biomes. Bordering the edges of this biome is Icebergs which go on for as far as you can see. 

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