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In this list, we’ve put together some of the best Minecraft Seeds for Jungles. Annoyingly, even with how large Jungle Biomes are, they’re still one of the rarest to find.

They consist of huge trees made out of Jungle Wood & Leaves, and usually have large bushes/leaves along the floor, making the terrain difficult to cross. There are 7 different variations of the Jungle Biome.

Jungles only have 1 unique structure that spawn inside of them, these are Jungle Temples (or pyramids). These are buildings made out of Cobblestone which can be searched by the player for loot. However they contain traps using tripwires, where an arrow will be fired at the player.

If you like this article, you might want to check out our collection of other Minecraft Seeds for each biome & structure. There’s a high chance these seeds won’t work on below Minecraft 1.14, due to terrain generation changes. 

5: Mushroom Island

Seed: 7275521772019857129 (-1200, -700)
This seed is crazy, as there is an incredibly rare chance of this sort of terrain happening. Right in the middle of a Jungle Biome is a large Mushroom Island, which of course usually spawns in the ocean. Seeing one on land, and surrounded by tall Jungle trees is a strange sight. Whilst it’s not right at the spawn point, it’s only a short distance away and easily walkable.

4: Jungle Village

Seed: 79687 (230, 270)
Here’s a very useful seed that will spawn you inside a Jungle. You’ll need to do a bit of walking to reach the above location, but when you do, you’ll find a Village, hidden in the dense forest. What’s so great about this seed is that there is a path that (sort of) leads into a Jungle Temple. Having both of these together will increase your loot, and just make the area more interesting! It’s a great location to start out in.

3: Multiple Biomes

Seed: -5122472569260530564 (-750, -300)
With this seed, you will spawn on a small island. You will need to walk a short distance to get to the above location in Minecraft. When you do though, you’ll find some very different terrains and biomes in such a small area. There is a Mushroom Island, right next to a large Jungle which is surrounded with Icebergs. On the edge of the Jungle overlooking the ocean is a Jungle Temple, which can be searched for loot.

2: Jungle Island

Seed: -39232282290371388
When you enter this seed, you will spawn on a very small island. It’s the one to the right on the screenshot above. Leave this island and head to the bigger one. On the edge of the island, you will spot a Jungle Temple sticking out between the trees, you can search this for some loot. The larger island is also surrounded by Ice Bergs on one side, which house Polar Bears.

1: Pillager Outpost

Seed: 6506886162711205223 (140, -185)
Our final seed will spawn you in the middle of a dense Jungle in Minecraft. Look up, and you should hopefully spot a Pillager Outpost sticking out among the trees. These are quite dangerous to explore at the start of the game, as they contain Illagers who will attack you with weapons. However, not far from the Outpost in a diagonal direction, there is a Jungle Temple which can also be searched for loot.

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