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Jungle Temples, also known as Jungle Pyramids are a structure that will naturally and randomly generate inside of Minecraft Jungle Biomes. There is also a chance of them spawning inside of Bamboo Jungles. In this list, we’re going to show off 5 Seeds which will spawn you near Jungle Temples in Minecraft.

Inside of Jungle Temples are puzzles which you can either solve, or simply mine through to reveal chests (the one which involves levers). There are also traps which consist of tripwires. When you walk over them, arrows will fire out of dispensers towards the player, so watch out for these and loot the arrows after.

The loot inside of Jungle Temples isn’t amazing, with most rewards consisting of Bones, Rotten Flesh, Iron & Gold Ingots, Bamboo, Saddle, Diamonds and Emeralds. However they’re still great to explore.

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5: Pillager Outpost

Seed: 6506886162711205223 (140, -185)
This first seed will spawn you at the feet of a Pillager Outpost (which is very dangerous at the start of the game). However, within around 100 blocks or so and easily visible is a Jungle Temple. Having these two locations next to each-other is quite rare, but also crucial to making progress when it comes to raids.

4: Bamboo Jungle Temple

Seed: 2905556180919419535 (35, 160)
You might have to walk a little bit to find this temple, but it will be easily visible. It spawns on the edge of the Jungle Biome, near some Bamboo. Unlike other temples in this list, it isn’t hidden in the leaves and is easily accessible, ready to be looted. 

3: Water Temple

Seed: -5304233969730327294 (-200, -95)
Another Temple that you will have no problem finding is this one. It has quite a rare spawn, as it spawns on top of the water in the middle of a river, instead of inside the dense jungle nearby. However there isn’t much else around, and you will have to walk a few hundred blocks to get to it.

2: Jungle Island

Seed: -39232282290371388 (160, 280)
Finally, we have another Jungle Temple found on the edge of the biome in Minecraft. However, this jungle takes up an entire island, making it a great place to build some tree-houses. As you can see on the screenshot above, surrounding the island is a load of Icebergs, where you can find Polar Bears roaming around.

1: Jungle Temple Village

Seed: 79687 (230, 270)
I love this Minecraft Seed. You will spawn near a large village hidden in the deep trees of the Jungle Biome. And at the center of this village is a large Jungle Temple. This location is great for starting your Minecraft shelter, as you can loot both the houses and the temple, whilst also using them as a shelter.

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