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Medieval Texture Packs are some of the most sought after for Minecraft. They make great packs for any story-themed maps, whether they be based around fantasy, magic or kingdoms. That’s why in this post, we’re going to show you some of the best Medieval texture packs available. 

All these screenshots where taken by me, using the ‘Kingdom of Verona‘ map. I did it this way so you can see the same Minecraft scene with each resource pack and compare the results for yourselves. Below is what the scene looks like with Minecrafts default texture pack.

Although I am using Shaders, which can make any resource pack look better. Shaders dramatically change the lighting and shadows in Minecraft to make them seem more realistic.

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10: Wolfhound Classical Medieval

Wolfhound Classical Medieval is designed to look like how things where a long time ago. It takes a realistic approach, adding a lot of Christian imagery with the End supposed to be thought of as Heaven and the Nether as hell. Otherwise, the pack looks great and approaches the Medieval theme well.

9: BitDungeon

BitDungeon gives Minecraft a Medieval appearance whilst keeping the game looking minimalist and simplistic. The textures look even more basic than Minecrafts default. If you’re wanting a pack that can maximise performance, this would be a good choice.

8: Winthor Medieval

Next up is Winthor Medieval. This pack looks a little flat in places, with the 3D grass disappearing. The Diamond Armor changes into something more knight-looking, although it does sort of look like Iron, and the Wolf is changed to be a darker shade with a spiked collar.

7: JoliCraft

JoliCraft adds a mixture of simple and detailed, with the textures looking quite colorful overall, but retaining a lot of the gritty details. One of the biggest changes is the appearance of the Wolf, which now looks more rabid. Meanwhile, the Diamond Armor has taken a massive change.

6: Excalibur

Excalibur is one of the most popular packs. It’s not surprising either, the textures look great, changing everything from the armor to animals. The stone bricks look darker and more realistic. Everything in general looks more realistic and gritty, fitting the Medieval theme well.

5: Serendipity

Compared to other packs in this list, Serendipity looks much brighter. Depending on the Medieval style you’re going for, this one could be great for a pre-disaster type setting. It makes changes to most blocks, including armor.

4: Majestica

Next up is Majestica, which gives Minecraft a more natural feeling. In a lot of ways, this pack is similar to Beyond The Lands, with it having similar textures when it comes to bricks and grass. The Leaves are also more rounded, having the texture replaced with something more circular.

3: Beyond The Lands

Firstly, we have Beyond the Lands. It changes the texture of practically all of Minecrafts content, including the armor, weapons and wolf next to me. What does immediately stand out is that the trees in the background have been given a more rounded appearance, due to a change in the texture shape.

2: Ozocraft

Ozocraft looks great, with it making the entirety of Minecraft feel a little darker and more medieval looking. It changes the texture of the Diamond Armor to suit something a warrior would wear, with the Wolf also getting a makeover. 

1: Thalyrus Medieval Warfare

Thalyrus is likely one of the best medieval texture packs available. It’s greatest change is to armor, which looks much more intimidating. The packs a lot more dark and gritty, although no changes to the Wolf are made.

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