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Mountains are one of the most interesting biomes in Minecraft, as they offer some of the most varied terrain. As you’d expect, they consist of large amounts of blocks reaching up into the sky, and are mostly made up of stone.

The surface of mountains vary, with them commonly consisting of grass or snow depending on the height and climate. Due to the random generation, it’s possible to have floating blocks and islands which can be explored.

Overall, Mountains definitely make for some of the most beautiful and interesting biomes in Minecraft. That’s why we’ve put together a list of seeds below, which will spawn you near them. 

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5: Mountain Volcanoes

Seed: 8710686720635024821 (-180, -160)
Our first seed will spawn you next to this awesome terrain. You will find these mountains which are over 100 blocks high above the water. They sort of resemble volcanoes due to all of the lava flowing from each of them. If you’re wanting to build an evil looking base or lair, this is the seed for you.

4: Flat Surface

Seed: -5541185355023925660
After entering this seed, you will spawn on an island in the middle of the ocean. However, look off the edge and you will notice that you are on top of a large mountain. There are a few hills around you which also resemble miniature mountains due to the terrain. The surface is relatively flat, and also quite large so it’s a great location to begin building a large base. There are trees on the island for you to start collecting building materials.

3: Extreme Mountains Village

Seed: -1952609886
This Minecraft Seed will spawn you on the edge of a desert biome. Look around and you will spot this huge, jagged terrain. At the bottom of the nearest mountain, you will find an Acacia Village. Funnily enough, one of the Village houses has spawned on top of the mountain, with a Villager up there with no way to get down. Villages always make a great starting point due to the food, shelter and trades they provide.

2: Jagged Island

Seed: 459943127639947927 (0, 0)
Now, when you spawn, you will be a few hundred blocks from the above location. However it’s easily walkable. You will find this island in the middle of the ocean, which has some extreme mountains coming off of it. There is a large, flat area to the side where you can build a base. It would be a fun idea to build bridges which connect each of the mountain tops, as well as a dock at the bottom to connect to the mainland.

1: Tranquil Village

Seed: -8372652329918988858 (-350. -300)
Our final seed is for another Village. This Village will spawn next to some soft mountains, which have more even terrain compared to the other seeds in this list. The Village is a moderate size, and has one of the buildings spawning on top of the mountain. These mountains aren’t too big either, so you can easily scale them.

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