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Mushroom Island, also known as Mushroom Fields (the actual name) is a Biome in Minecraft. It’s actually the rarest Biome in the game, and can be very difficult to discover. Though by using one of the Seeds below, you can spawn right inside a Mushroom Biome.

They are known as Mushroom Islands because they spawn in the middle of the Ocean usually, but they will also commonly spawn connected to other lands, and very rarely, be landlocked.

The terrain in Mushroom Island Biomes is very different. Instead of Grass or Sand, the main block is Mycelium, which can only be found in these biomes. There are also large brown and red Mushroom trees that fill the island. 

These islands also have a mob that will only spawn here, Mooshrooms. They are a variant of cows, and come in brown and red. The advantage of having Mooshrooms is they can provide Mushroom Stew by using a bowl on them.

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5: Mushroom Island Desert

Seed: 8086073920582440063
After using this seed, you will spawn on the edge of a Desert Biome, only a few blocks away from a very large Mushroom Island. There are a lot of Biomes nearby other than the desert, such as Acacia and Plains areas. These are good locations for collecting wood and setting up a base.

4: Jungle Island

Seed: 8446277143882444263
This Mushroom Island is isolated on one side, and a large Jungle Biome on the other side. In the Jungle, you can look for temples, chop down wood or be ambitious and build tree houses. As you can see, there’s a large crater in the middle of the Mushroom Island which makes some interesting terrain.

3: Isolated Mushroom Island

Seed: 6305247179760345244
This is the only seed in this list that spawns solely a Mushroom Island that is isolated from other areas. So if you are looking for a survival island styled map in the form of Mushrooms, this seed is a good choice. Luckily, there are other lands not far away that you can easily access by boat or swimming.

2: Mini-Mushrooms

Seed: -8234839994142080900
This is another interesting seed. It will spawn you on a Mushroom Island that is very small in size. It’s not landlocked either, so it’s adjoined onto a mountains biome where you can head off and explore in. On this island, there are only around 5 Mushroom Trees in total, and the mobs that you’d typically expect will still spawn.

1: Middle of the Jungle

Seed: 7275521772019857129 (-1200, -700)
Unlike other Minecraft Seeds in this list, this one won’t actually spawn you on a Mushroom Island. However, it felt necessary to include it just because of how rare and interesting it is. Use this seed, head to the above coordinates and you will come across a Mushroom Island that has spawned right in the middle of a Jungle. 

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