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In this list, we’re going to show you a few Seeds which will spawn you in one of many Ocean biomes in Minecraft. Oceans are a large biome in Minecraft, and one of the most common.

There are many sub-biomes for which blocks can generate. Currently, these include Warm Oceans, Frozen Oceans and Coral Reefs.

There are also many mobs which spawn inside of Oceans including Drowned, Dolphins, Fish, Turtles and Squid. As well as mobs, there are lots of Ocean specific structures such as Ocean Monuments, Shipwrecks and Ruins, which all contain loot. 

Spawning in the Ocean makes for a great survival experience. Starting on an island, you can work towards making your way to the mainland. However this could be difficult if you choose an island without trees.

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5: Ocean Isolation

Seed: 5178075124761337753
Using this seed, you will spawn on a small island in the middle of one of Minecrafts oceans. Located very close by is a large Ocean Monument, which you can search later on. The only problem with this seed is that there are no trees, so you can either enable the starter chest, or head to another island. Not too far into the distance, there is also a Mushroom Island.

4: Small Island

Seed: 6554791360649208385
Next up, here’s another seed that will put you on a small survival island in the middle of the ocean. This one has trees though, which will make your life much easier. There are 2 variants, so you will have a few design options when it comes to wood. Nearby, there are 3 ships which are sunk so you’ll need to do some diving to obtain the loot. There is also an Ocean Monument for late-game.

3: Extreme Mountains

Seed: 8710686720635024821 (-180, -160)
This seed won’t place you on an island. Instead, you’ll spawn near the edge of the ocean near a forest. Just around 100 blocks away is some of the coolest Minecraft terrain I’ve ever seen. These huge stone mountains sprouting out of the ocean look incredibly evil with their lava waterfalls. They’d make a great location to set up some sort of base on top, overlooking the ocean.

2: Ocean Village

Seed: 624329016
Using this seed, you will spawn on a decent sized island that also has a village on it. Whilst the island is in the middle of the ocean, it’s not too far from the mainland, easily within swimming distance. Villages always make great seeds, as you have access to trade, shelter, beds and food. You can set up your own base nearby, as well as a dock so you can begin exploring the ocean by boat.

1: Floating Village

Seed: -2517059892169615438
Finally, we have another village, however this one has an odd spawn. As it has spawned on a very small island, the majority of it cuts into the ocean. It looks very cool, as only the planks mostly made it into the water, making it look like the village is floating on top. There is a bit of green space in the middle, where you can set up your own house, as well as trees to begin collecting wood. There is also an Ocean Monument nearby.

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