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Pillager Outposts are a new structure that was added with Minecraft 1.14, the Village & Pillage Update. It houses ‘Illagers’, an enemy mob who will not only raid villagers, but do patrols and even find your own base occasionally. 

These Outposts will spawn in most biomes, and never too close to a village. Upon getting too close to an Outpost, all of the Illagers will immediately become hostile, and most of them are carrying a crossbow so it’s a good idea to have a shield.

One mob found at Outposts is the Outpost Captain, who you will notice is carrying a banner on their back. After killing them, you will receive the ‘Bad Omen’ effect for 100 minutes. If you enter any village whilst carrying this effect, a raid will immediately take place.

Loot isn’t amazing at Pillager Outposts, with it mostly consisting of food items, enchanted books and Crossbows. However they’re still great to try and clear. That’s why in this post, we’re listing some of the best Pillager Outpost Seeds available for Minecraft.

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5: Pillagers Jungle

Seed: 6506886162711205223
After using this seed, you will spawn in a dense Taiga forest. Popping out above the trees nearby, you will spot a Pillager Outpost. Further into the distance, you will also notice a Jungle biome. This seed in general is a great starter location due to the large amounts of wood and natural resources.

4: Bordering the Desert

Seed: -2616073310770286304
As soon as you spawn with this Minecraft Seed, you will see a Pillager Outpost on the edge of the desert. Luckily, you spawn in a Plains biome, so you will have no trouble collecting resources and staying safe, keeping a good amount of distance from Illagers. 

3: Short Walk

Seed: 785236334338493519
You might not spot this outpost right away, but it’s easily visible from spawn if your render distance is high enough. You will spawn in a deep plains forest, so you will need to get some height in order to spot the outpost. It sits on the edge of a desert biome.

2: Pyramid & Pillager Outpost

Seed: 456862464780572133 (-140, 300)
Now this seed is an interesting one. A Pillager Outpost will spawn in the middle of the desert, but cutting through the middle of it is a pyramid. It’s basically a two-for-one thing, once you have cleared the outpost, you can also explore the Pyramid to collect a load of loot. Just watch out for the TNT traps at the bottom! You will need to walk to -140, 300 coordinates, but it’s really close to spawn.

1: Extreme Hills

Seed: 6717772641019048776 (75, 370)
Our final seed is also a good one. The Pillager Outpost is right near spawn (I’ve provided coordinates anyway) and it spawns on the edge of the Badlands Biome. Looking from the tower, you will see varied biomes and terrains including beaches, dense forest and some crazy extreme mountains.

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