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This list is going to show off some of the best resource packs to use for PVP games in Minecraft.

PvP Minecraft Servers are still some of the most popular available, whether it be Hunger Game styled modes, Sky Wars or just standard survival. And what better way is there to enhance the PvP experience than installing custom texture packs?

These texture packs where all listed in the Top 10 most downloaded on Planet Minecraft, and their main focus is to either make the game look more realistic, change the design of weapons and armor or smooth out the FPS so performance is better.

We’ve covered many more Minecraft Resource Pack styles here at PwrDown, which you’re welcome to take a look at.

5: Xleilux Pack

Xleilus keeps Minecraft’s standard textures around, but making a few changes which might be noticeable. A lot of the textures are smoothed out and have less details in the design, which can help make the game run faster and increase your FPS (frames per second). From what I can tell, it also didn’t make any difference to weapons and armor.

4: Steven’s Traditional

Steve’s Traditional Texture Pack stays true to Minecraft’s original look, keeping most of the textures in a similar style. It makes minor changes which add small amounts of realism and beauty. Although for PvP Servers, it may not be as admirable due to the armor and weapons not looking much different to the original design.

3: Epic Adventures

Epic Adventures is a great looking texture pack for Minecraft. It fits an RPG/Medieval style too. Whilst it did change the texture of the shield to look damaged, it didn’t change the armor. What I do like about this pack is that it changes the texture of leaves so they’re more rounded, make trees look much more realistic.


MYTHIC is a pixel art styled texture pack, which gives everything a rustic look. What I did notice is that it gives practically every block a red tint, all the wood, the shield, the dirt, even the wheat. But what stands out the most is the armor, which looks very intimidating and unique.

1: Beyond The Lands

Beyond The Lands keeps Minecraft looking close to it’s original textures. It’s just a bit more dark and gritty, with the fine lines on each block being much more defined. As you can see, it also changes the appearance of armor and shields to something a little more realistic. This pack would definitely be ideal for a PvP world.

Thalyrus Medieval Warfare

Thalyrus Medieval Warfare is the most downloaded texture pack on Planet Minecraft under the PvP section. As you can probably tell, it makes the entirety of Minecraft look much darker and gritty, with it also making the players armor look more warrior like. It’s one of the best options for a PvP styled world.

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