Best Minecraft Seeds for Villages in 2018


GamingBest Minecraft Seeds for Villages in 2018

Spawning near a Village in Minecraft is a good way to get a head start in the game. You’ll have shelter, crops and most importantly, loot. You can usually find a chest in the smelting building.

That’s why it makes sense to spawn there, or at least find one if you can. It saves digging yourself into the ground at night, as villages are usually well lit too. In this post, we’re going to compile a list of some of the best seeds for spawning in Villages in 2018.

Whilst this testing was done on 1.13.2, it should work on future and previous versions. To check out some more Minecraft content, check out the related articles section at the bottom of this post.

Swamp Village

Seed: -179268820869510
Using this seed, you’ll spawn relatively close to a village in a swamp biome. I think what’s most interesting about this seed is that the paths spawn into the water, giving a dock for boats which is very useful. You can find the village at coordinates of 244 X and 323 Z.

Normal Village

Seed: 284235172112942
You won’t spawn right in a village with this seed, but there is one within walking distance. There isn’t anything special or interesting about this village really. It doesn’t have a lot of buildings either. But it does provide a safe haven for spending the night. To find the village in Minecraft, head to 0.982X and 175Z.

Mountain Town

Seed: -538898778772369
Here is another village near seed spawn, this time though its partially in the mountain. Whilst it gives an interesting appearance, some of the buildings lack an easy way to access them. The coordinates for this village are -295X and 169Z.

Savanna Village

Seed: 957721470728361

Pretty much all the other seeds in this post are for villages that are of the plains theme. However, this one is a Savanna village meaning it is made of different materials. These villages are much harder to find, but with this seed, you’ll spawn right next to one! Head to the coordinates 168X and 38Z.

Village Spawn

Seed: 768498233891413
This is probably the best Minecraft seed for villages that I’ve found. Why? Because the seed spawns you right in the middle of a fully developed village. No travelling or running through the night necessary. You can instantly search for loot and take shelter right after spawning.

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