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Shipwrecks are a randomly generated structure in Minecraft, which where added with Minecraft 1.13 Java Edition and 1.4.0 Bedrock Edition. They will usually generate in Oceans and on Beaches, most of the time being fully submerged. In this list, we’re going to show you some Seeds which will spawn you right by Shipwrecks.

They can generate in many different ways, with different designs and orientations. Sometimes even generating upside down. Due to them being filled with water when submerged, they can also be dangerous to explore and loot.

There is the possibility of 1-3 chests spawning inside the Shipwreck. If the ship is only half-built and sections are missing, chests will also be missing from that area. There are 3 different types of chests, Treasure Chests, Supply Chests & Map Chests.

The rarest loot that you can obtain from Shipwrecks is TNT, Gunpowder, Diamonds, Bottle of Enchanting, Diamonds, Gold and Iron Ingots, Emeralds, Clocks, Compass, Maps and Books. Buried Treasure Maps are always worth collecting, as they will show you the location of buried treasure.

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5: Submerged Shipwreck

Seed: 6925052645138048957
This first seed isn’t the best of this list for sure, but if you’re wanting to spawn on an island with not much else, it’s a good choice. You’ll spawn on a tiny island, with a much larger island in front of you. When heading forwards, move to the North-East side and you’ll spot this submerged wreck. 

4: Winter Shipwreck

Seed: -6101751204728370911
Input this seed, and you will literally spawn on the bow of a Shipwreck. There isn’t much else around, as you will spawn next to a desolate winter biome. You can still collect all the materials you need though and venture off into the great unknown. It’s a great seed if you just want to explore a Shipwreck immediately. 

3: Inside a Village

Seed: -4938907194838976235 (315, -315)
After inputting the above seed, you’ll spawn around 300 blocks away from the above location. It’s easily within walking distance, and it will take you to a double village which has a full Shipwreck right in the middle of it. It sort of looks like it’s been built by the Villagers (until you notice a building cutting through it).

2: Edge of the Village

Seed: -1531551752072876925
With this seed, you will spawn just a few blocks away from a decently sized village. It’s not an island, so there is a lot of biomes to explore and materials to collect without needing to build your own boat. On the edge of the Village, half submerged in the ocean is a Shipwreck which you can search for loot.

1: Village Island

Seed: -613756530319979507
Here’s another seed that has a Shipwreck cutting through the middle of a Minecraft Village. However this one is more in-tact, as no buildings collide with the ship. It’s a great Survival Island seed, as the entire village and ship takes up a small island which you will start on. Set up base in one of the buildings and start your adventure.

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